From the Boys

Button downs: aka man's (and woman's) best friend. I can't get over how much I love a good button down. They are so easy to wear, but they look so put together. It's the best of both worlds. I love to wear men's button downs personally just because of the looser fit.

My favorite kind of button downs are the really loud, brightly colored sport shirts. 

Brooks Brothers College Stripe Fun Sport Shirt | Brooks Brothers is the king of "fun shirts" or "party shirts." I love the pastel colors on this one. 

Brooks Brothers Bold Tattersall Fun Sport Shirt | This fun shirt is perfect for the fourth! 

Frat Collection The Chapel Hill | The Frat Collection's two-two shirt is perfect for game days! The UNC one is great for when you need to yell, "Go to Hell, Duke!" Check out my other favorites: the Macon, the Lexington, and the Norfolk.

But then again...you can't go wrong with gingham.

P.S. Aren't the Vineyard Vines models gorgeous? 

She's A Firework

Everyone who is excited for the 4th raise their hand. I love the 4th of July so much, and I am really excited for this year because my dad doesn't have to work which means I get to watch the fireworks with him! Plus I think I convinced him to do a cookout and let me bake so 4th treats! (From pinterest of course)

While I love dressing up in ridiculous amounts of red, white, and blue, I am so excited to wear my new Lilly dress. 
I will be wearing it with my platinum Jack Rogers and my huge white bow. I haven't seen it glow-in-the-dark yet, so I am little excited for that! 

I do however love this outfit! That necklace is one of the statement necklaces I love, and I am fan of the peplum trend! 

Are you planning on wearing anything special for the 4th?

A Month in Review | June

Critter shorts are better shorts.

Minor League Baseball with JoTo! 

I got my first big girl drink at Starbs, and I loved it! I think I drank it at least seven times this month. #MochaCookieCrumble 

No big deal... :) 

I have a problem with buying shorts...
This is also my first official (not a t-shirt) purchase from Vineyard Vines!

National Wear Your Lilly day! 

Sad I was only in New York for about three hours . . .  But I will have a post tomorrow about my trip up north! 

What was your favorite part of June? Are you excited for July?


Make a Statement

Okay, so I finally jumped on the bandwagon, and I am now in love with statement necklaces. I admired them from a far for a really long time but always stuck with my basic pearl necklace and earrings because I was afraid I couldn't pull a large statement necklace off. I didn't purchase one until I needed one. The dress I got for my cousin's wedding kinda required one, so I went to Charming Charlie's and hunted for the perfect necklace. I ended up with this: 

My dress is a royal blue, so I like how the orange and blue contrast yet compliment each other. 

But I didn't stop there. These were pretty cheap ($13), and I really wanted a a necklace I could wear on football gamedays with this black dress I have. So...

This happened. It's going to look great with the dress! 

Charming Charlie's had some imitation J.Crew bubble necklaces, but I have a love/hate relationship with them, and I can't decide if I want one or not. I feel like they can look really cute or really bad. Plus, they didn't have a green/orange necklace, and those are the colors I wanted. 

Here are some statement necklaces I love: 

SarahBelle has this in the coral color, and I lusting over it so hard.

Lizard Thicket and Bluetique sell some great statement necklaces, and J.Crew Factory is another great place to look! 

Where do you buy your statement necklaces?? Or do you just stick with more simple ones??


New Name

Apologies if the change confuses anyone! 

When I first started blog about a month ago, I wasn't happy with the domain I chose, but I went with it. While I was sitting in traffic on the way to Philly, I decided to change it up to something that suited me better. It took lots of looking up domains that were already taken and a comment made my mom at lunch, but Sass del Sur was born! My mom said something to me about southern sass, but that domain is already taken . . . so I incorporated my love of Spanish. However, there is no actual word in Spanish for "southern," but "del sur" literally means "from the South" which translates into "southern." I am super excited about this!  

Again, I am sorry if this confuses anyone, but I do love this new domain! 

"If the shoe fits..."

As much as I LOVE shoes, I only wear three pairs: sperrys, Jacks, and Hunters. I really wish I could wear cute heels and wedges, but it is a struggle to walk in them due to my bad knees and the stairs in my school. I mean, it's not like the shoes I wear are super supportive... But until I can walk properly in high heels, I will be dreaming of pretty flats. 

I am really into slippers lately, and Stubbs and Wootton has really cute ones! I love this kelly green and navy combination. J.P. Crickets has some great slippers too. I love that you can get collegiate ones. 

Tory Burch's Reva Flats are such classic flats and pretty good quality from what I hear. A pair in each color, please! 

Taylor Swift's Ked collection is so darn cute! I love these navy and polka dot ones. I'd also love a pair of the red ones from the Original Champion Collection

The Nantucket Gold collection from Jack Rogers is wonderful. My personal favorite combination is the Caribbean Blue and Gold. Gorgeous! 

What are your favorite pair of flats??


I'm Shipping Up to Boston

I am almost done with talking about how much I love Boston, okay? 
My brother and I make playlists for each other on Spotify, and I made this one to celebrate his moving up to Boston! Most of the songs are used by either the Red Sox or Bruins during games, and the rest are pretty much sung by the Dropkick Murphys with a few exceptions. 

I am actually incredibly proud of this playlist, and I will end up listening to it more than my brother does.


She Said I Think I'll Go to Boston...

Since my brother decided to go to Boston University for grad school, I've been counting down the days until we got to up to the city to find him a place to stay. And now we are here!

BU is so pretty! 

Hopefully I can convince my parents to take me to the Boston Vineyard Vines! 

Sadly, no games on this trip, but I told my brother I am coming to visit in the summer at some point! 

I already planned a trip to visit my brother during my winter break, so we could go to a hockey game together! 


What to Wear | Black Tie, Bullies & Boston

I am so excited for this week! My most awesome, wonderfully stylish, New Yorker cousin is getting married this week in Philadelphia, and while we are already up north, my family is going to visit Boston to look for an apartment for my brother since he is moving up there! 

Black Tie
My cousin's wedding is black tie optional. Hold up. Black Tie...optional? Wait, what does that even mean? The Knot says, "A long dress, a really dressy suit, or something cocktail-length (but still formal). Glamorous makeup and dramatic jewelry and hair are appropriate" 

After putting off the search for a couple of months, my mom and I finally went to Dillard's and picked up this beaut for a deal. 
It a cocktail length dress with the chiffon overlaying the lower half of the dress. I am pairing it with a statement necklace and earrings from Charming Charlie's! 

Bullies & Boston
So this title is a little weird, but the Philadelphia Flyers are the called the Broad St. Bullies, and I had to stick the alliteration. 

In the summer, Philadelphia is "hot as hell." (1776 anyone?) I am going to assume it is similar for Boston.  This means my summer uniform will be in full swing. Shorts on shorts on shorts! My packing list looks a little like this:

I had a really hard time making a packing list because I didn't want to bring too much or too little (which I am amazing at...) 

This is my very useful old dance bag that I use for traveling. I got it in Valdosta when The Twins went down there for GHP. And yes, my name is embroidered in the Curlz font...I was eight.

I didn't really know what to do with my jewelry so into plastic bags they went! (Post coming soon about the new necklaces.)

And then I use my old backpack as a carry-on type thing. I put books, cords, notebooks, and writing utensils in there. 

Check my twitter for updates from the trip! 


The Bigger the Bow...

I became obsessed with bows last summer when I started making my own hair bows. 

I am actually missing a lot. 

Bows, in my opinion, are the happiest accessory you can have! I mean look at this: 

Dress from Kate Spade

Steve Madden Flats

Dress from Hope's  How cute is the back??

Bow-nus: Apparently hair bows run in the family...

How cute is this painting of my grandma Anne?! This is the painting next to my hair bows. 


Mad as a Hatter

Recently, I have started to really love baseball hats which is weird. I used to hate them. A lot. I have an unusually large head, so normally hats don't fit me. But it all started with... 

Yes, the lovely seersucker hat. I loved it so much I bought it twice! 

I am thinking about starting a collection actually because there is no such thing as too much. Is there? 

My school's colors are green and black, so this hat is perfect if I ever wanted one for a game. The Frat Hats from Southern Proper come in so many great colors! Their Cocktail Caps are fantastic too. 

Vineyard Vines never disappoints. I love their basic baseball caps. The yellow is for sure my favorite, but they used to have an aqua color one that I loved. Anyone know where I can find it?

ACK baseball cap is perfect because it's two of my favorite things: Nantucket and baseball caps. I think this one is a must in Nantucket Red.

Who doesn't need a monogrammed baseball cap? I like the idea of the navy hat with coral stitching. 

Do you like baseball hats? Or what is your favorite type of hat?


Summer Playlist

Born to Run | The epitome of The Boss' career. When you think Bruce, you think this song. 

Atlantic City | One of my best friends, aBe, introduced me to this song a couple years ago, and I am still in love with this song. 

Bottom of the River | This is one of my favorite songs to just belt out loud. It doesn't sound like anything else I listen to! 

You Gave Love a Face | This is one of Liz Longley's new songs, and it is amazing. I have such a hard time choosing my favorite song of hers. 

Moondance | This is a cover song Liz Longley did, and I got to see her perform it live last year! Ah-mazing. (Seriously, if you don't know who she is, check her music out!) 

The Cave | As you know, this is one of my favorite songs period. I love the live version probably more than the recorded version. 

New Virginia Creeper | This OCMS song is so fun, and it kinda reminds me of Wagon Wheel.
God's Got It | This song reminds me of something in the move O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Wagon Wheel | Yeah, this song is actually on 90% of my playlist...and can you tell I am obsessed with OCMS lately? 

Home | This song will forever remind me of the Summer Olympics, so it just fits! 

I have another playlist coming up in about a week! Be on the look out for it. It's one of my personal faves. 


Looks I Love from J.Crew

Whenever I walk into J.Crew, I feel like I have my life together. Like that's how I want to dress in ten years. I absolutely adore J.Crew's summer stuff, and I have been online window shopping on their website too much! 

Polka Dot Linen Shorts | We all know I love a good pair of shorts, so it's no surprise that I love these shorts! Polka-dots and pink? What more could you need?

Chino Shorts in Seahorse | These shorts have been all over Tumblr and Pinterest, and I just think they are so fun! The seahorse is a twist on the usual nautical print of anchors or boats. 

Bright Cerise Linen Scarf | I love J.Crew's scarves, and this color is too great. Not too pink. Not too red. Perfect. 

Crystal Feather Necklace | I am trying to more in to necklaces besides my pearls, and I think this one is great! Other options for the necklace have mauve or citrus accents. Perfect for a fancy summer night dinner.

Ratti Regatta Ruched Femme Tank | I posted about this print recently, and I can't get enough of it. This swimsuit is too cute, and I think it is one of the best designed one pieces I have seen!