Vineyard Vines' summer collection came out, and I love the menswear for this season! Lots of gingham, pastels, and seersucker!! 

This gingham tie was part of my WILW yesterday, and I really am obsessed with it. Gingham is just the greatest  thing on earth, and when it comes in tie form, I am sold. (VV needs to make gingham bow ties too!)

I love these pastel shorts! They come in purple, blue, and green, but the purple is for sure my fave. 

More gingham! Harbor shirts are totally in for men and women. (Marley Lilly has some great monogrammed ones) I love this color, and the back is super cute with the pink whale. 

The Vineyard Vines swimwear is amazing. These seersucker trunks are too fantastic for summer! And the shipping for these is free. 

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