It's the T-Shirt Life for Me

While I pride myself on looking nice 75% of the time, sometimes a t-shirt and athletic shorts are exactly what you need to survive a Wednesday. (The day I most often dress down.) 

Long Sleeve T-Shirt | I quite frequently get questioned by my friends on why I would spend so much money for t-shirt. I have a simple response: Comfort. VV tees are the most comfortable shirts I own, and I could live in them. 

Can't get enough of Southern Proper's sassy and comfy tees! This and "My Other Car" are staples in my lazy day wardrobe. 

Frat Collection | Custom long-sleeve frockets? 'Nough said. I love the Anna, the Betsy, and the Craig! 

My most worn shirts however are my school shirts. I have over 30 shirts because of my older siblings. #schoolspirit

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