Summer Crafting

I am in the biggest mood to craft lately. I just want to go buy all the fabric and ribbon at JoAnn's and Michael's and create so many things. 

Look how cute and easy this game day dress is to make? I kinda want to do it with one of my high school tshirts. 

I love a good maxi skirt, and it seems like a pretty easy project.

These are actually my monogrammed binders I made last summer! I am going to them again with the new summer patterns. 

Katie, of Let's Be Preppy, posted this awhile back, and since then, I have wanted to make one so bad! How cute is this? Nautical flags and your monogram! I need new canvas for my wall anyway. 

Not gonna lie, I spent most of last summer crafting bows, but they weren't like these! I love how these are fabric, so you have a ton of options on what you want the bow to look like. I think an anchor one is definitely called for. 

I just need my sister to come home, since she is the one with a sewing machine! 

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