What to Buy for...Father's Day

Father's Day is coming up in a week, and you might be struggling to get something from your father/father figure in your life...like I was. 
My dad hates spending money, so I always have trouble buying him gifts for holidays. I usually get him a movie that we saw together, but my family always makes fun of me because they think I bought it more for me than him. But I am going to start making a huge effort for giving presents to everyone! 
Polo from Brooks Brothers | My dad loves polos and used to shop at Brooks Brothers all the time when he was in his early twenties. He would love this, but he would also get mad that I paid full price for this...He loves thrift shopping. *Insert Macklemore*

Bar Stripe Slime Tie from Brooks Brothers | My dad is not really a bow tie person which I find incredibly sad. (I am converting my brother into one.) He does, however, love a good tie. I think ties are really useful and thoughtful gifts because one can never have too many, and you can pick one that really represents someone's personality. 

9" Stanton Shorts from J.Crew | My dad is known for keeping his shorts for a really long time, so they become super worn down. The only way he would wear new ones is if someone else bought them for him. Is anyone else's dad this way??

Philadelphia Phillies Vineyard Vines tie | This is what I ended up getting my dad. He's a HUGE Phillies fan, so I thought this tie was perfect for him! He, however, will find this absolute ridiculous, but he will wear it just for me. It's his first VV tie too. Aren't I the best daughter? 

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