What to Wear :: College Fair

So as you know I went on my first college visit this summer, and now I am going to my first college fair thing. It's the Vanderbilt Road Show. I think it's basically admissions officers and alumni talking about what Vandy is like, and such. It's the day before school starts, so . . . Yeah, I am anxious about it, but I am super excited. Also, I have no idea what to wear! I mean, what do you wear to college fair? They say to dress comfortably, and that's it! Ugh. #TheStruggle

Here are my three options:

Shirt: Polo by Ralph Lauren (similar) // Shorts: Old Navy // Scarf: J.Crew // Shoes: Jack Rogers

Dress & Belt: Target // Shoes: Jack Rogers
(I might change the belt on this one if I can find a gold one.)

Blazer & Shorts: Target // Shirt: Vineyard Vines

I'm currently leaning towards the first one because I think I would be most comfortable in it since it's a classic Julianna outfit. What do y'all think??

P.S. Like my new signature? I've been messing around with photoshop a ton if you can't tell! 

Back-to-School Series

Hey y'all, I am going to back to school in about a week! I am little nervous, but I absolutely love school and cannot wait to get back. I also decided to do a week with posts dedicated to BTS! I have a couple posts already scheduled like a DIY for Binder Covers, What's in My Bags, & Morning Routine! But if you would like to see anything in particular, please let me know! 

xx, Julianna 


July Favorites

Can y'all believe it July is almost over?? August is upon us and so is Back-to-School season, but here are some of my favorite things from the month of July!

{Favorite TV Show} If you've seen my twitter/tumblr, you know I have been watching way too much Teen Wolf. I am so in love with Stiles; it's becoming a problem. I actually started watching this in November when I had the flu, but I never got around to finishing it till now! And it's on Netflix, so go check it out. 

{Favorite Movie} Despicable Me! I finally saw the first one all the way through, and it's so hilarious. Agnes is so adorable!! Still haven't seen the second one, but we will get there. Soon. 

{Favorite Thing I Bought} Open-Knit Drop Sleeve Sweater from the Gap! The amount of kelly green I own at the moment is a bit of the problem, but I am in love with sweater. I love the open knit because it isn't too open, and I am so excited to wear it for Gamedays in the fall/winter!
I am also obsessed with my new Lilly agenda.

{Favorite Food} This should be no surprise. My favorite food is a Strawberry/Orange smoothie!
Check out my recipe here.
Also, I am loving Passion Iced Tea Lemonade! A venti for $2.60? I am sold. 

{Favorite Song} You're So Vain - Carly Simon | This song has been on repeat forever. I absolutely love it! Taylor Swift and Carly Simon actually did a cover of this in Boston recently! So. Good.

{Favorite Sport Related Thing} So, the U.S. Secret Classic for gymnastics happened recently...And I am all about it since I am having Olympic withdrawals. Like I loved this even more than the ASG. Check out Kyla Ross' uneven bar routine, McKayla Maroney's floor exercise and vault, and Simone Biles's floor exercise!

What did y'all love this month? 


BowTies for a Cause

While I was watching the ASG, I found a great organization, BowTie Cause, that sells bowties and donates 25% of the revenue to a specific cause! So it's kind of like when the FratCollection lets you pick a charity to send 10% of the revenue! 

New Arrivals for Vineyard Vines

I love online shopping when the new arrivals come out! Vineyard Vines Fall 2013 Collection is oh so wonderful. I think I like a lot better than the last couple seasons. I mean, can I buy everything???

Gingham Harbor Dress | I love harbor shirts, but this one isn't a shirt. It's a dress, and it's gingham! Someone take me fishing, please. I want an excuse to buy/wear this dress. 

Tri Color Stripe Tucker Shirt | aka a Party Shirt. I might have to pick this up for myself. I do love a good men's Oxford.

Vintage Whale Graphic T-Shirt | I love these shirts, and surprisingly, I don't own one, but the new colors are so amazing that I have to snag at least one! I love the Antigua green and Bermuda pink. 

Polka Dot Ankle Pants | Vineyard Vines has released so much polka dotted clothing! Shorts, pants, skirt, Shep Shirt... #PolkaDottedPerfection.

Lobster Embroidered Club Pants | These are to die for! The Club Shorts are just as great.

Anchor Bowtie | Anyone need me to tie theirs? ;) 

What are you loving from Vineyard Vines this season?? Anything you must have? 


It's the Little Things

So one of my must haves for when I have an apartment/house is coffee table books! I don't know why, but I am in love with the idea! I just want the books in my house to be wonderfully pretty. Of course, mine would be all about movies and fashion! 

Of course, I would include Grace and Londoners! Check out Anthropologie's Coffee Table Books.



Hello new favorite documentary and my wish to be a sports writer! We all know how much I love 
sport-umentaries, and now I have a new all time favorite: Let Them Wear Towels which is apart of the ESPN series Nine for IX.

The documentary, directed by Annie Sundberg and Ricki Stern, is about women's fight to not only be allowed into the locker rooms after games to get interviews but their fight to be respected in the completely male-dominated world of sports. 

It's such an eye-opening film because it's something I, personally, don't think about. Women are all over MLB Network and Sports Center nowadays, but they really had to fight their way into this world. It's amazing what they went through in order for women today to be where they are today. From horrible slurs to sexual harassment from players and coaches. 

10 minutes into this documentary, I wanted to be a sports journalist again. I wanted to write about sports, and I wanted to work in this male-dominated world that I absolutely love and prove myself. I don't even know, this documentary was really inspiring, and I definitely recommend it even if you aren't into sports. 

 Also, I am super excited for The '99ners, which is about the USWNT who won the World Cup, to come out!


Happy Christmas in July!

Can anyone explain why this "holiday" is in July rather than June? I mean, June 25 is half way to Christmas... But putting that notion aside, here's what would be on my wishlist if today was Christmas! 

Adia Kibur Knot Necklace | Oh my gosh, I pinned this a while ago, but I am so in love with it. It's gold, and it's kind of nautical. I feel like I have nowhere to wear it, but I would wear this all the time. 

Chole Square Toe Balleria Flat | It's my former dancer coming out . . . These would probably already be in my possession if it weren't for the cost. 

Nantucket Crew Neck Sweatshirt | I am obsessed with Nantucket and sweatshirts, so sue me. 

Kennett Dress | End of Summer Sale come sooner! I've literally tried this on three times. 

Tell me what would be on your wishlist right now! 


Are You Ready for Some Football??

Praise the Lord, it's 35 day until college football kicks off and even less till high school football starts! Then there's 43 days until the NFL kicks off!
Tailgating is HUGE in the south, and GameDay outfits are staples on a fine Saturday afternoon/evening. Personally, I would totally dress up for my high school games, but I am usually working either for newspaper or the game. Maybe this year, I'll take a risk and look cute when I am working for newspaper. 

So usually for college football, I root for two teams normally, the Kentucky Wildcats and Northwestern Wildcats, which are my parents Alma maters! 

In the SEC, it's practically custom to wear your school's colors and your cowboy boots to a game! Gotta look cute when your screaming, "Go Big Blue!" 

In Evanston, it can get COLD, so you gotta be bundle up when you sing "Go U Northwestern!" 

Bonus: I am a die-hard Eagles fan, and sadly, that leaves me sad most of the seasons, but I am also a huge Manning brothers fan! (Except if they play the Eagles.) I also like J.J. Watt, Aaron Rodgers, and Colin Kaepernick. 

Are any of y'all die hard college football/NFL fans? What teams?



I was really craving a smoothie the other day, but I also really didn't want to pay or drive to Planet Smoothie, so I figured why not make my favorite smoothie aka a Captain Kid, since it's super easy!


Two Handfuls of Frozen or Fresh Strawberries
Two Scoops of Vanilla FroYo (You can also use Orange Sherbert!) 
Two Cups of OJ
Like I said, this is really easy. You just gather all your ingredients and throw them into a blender! 

At first I only use a handful of strawberries, but then the smoothie was too orange-y. 

Then I poured it into a mini Mason Jar! #yummy
I had a lot left over, so I poured it into another cup and put it into the fridge. 

Super easy and simple and tasty!! Why are your favorite kind of smoothies?


London Love

I want to go to London. Still. Ever since my sister study abroad, I have wanted to fly across the ocean and visit London. I think I want to visit even more now because I am having 2012 Olympic withdrawals. 

Check out my London board on Pinterest for more Anglophilia!

Where's one place you MUST go to at some point in your life?


How to :: Get Through Summer Work

{Summer Work} Those two words that literally make some of us cringe. I don't know why teachers think working over the summer will prepare us for classes, but they do. So here are some of my personal tips if you have been struggling to finish like I have. 

This is what my life has looked like for the past four weeks. 

{Rockin' Playlist} I know some people can't work with music playing, but some how I was blessed with the ability to do this. (However, I have to take tests in complete silence.) If you're like me, make sure your playlist is stocked with great, relaxing music. I have a work playlist on my Spotify that is filled with Mumford & Sons, Ed Sheeran, Mat Kearney, and more! It's mainly songs that I know by heart, so singing comes easily, but they don't distract me. 

{Break It Down} When you first get that list of books you have to read and projects that accompany them, you feel a little (a lot) panicked. So break it down. Instead of seeing it as four essays, three books, two projects, and one study guide, see it as one essay one day, a couple of chapters the next, and some questions another day. Don't overwhelm yourself by doing it all at once. 

{Schedule & Deadline} Once you've broken it down, create a schedule. Know what your goals are for each day and stick to it! You'll get everything done a lot faster. Then create your ultimate deadline. Everything has to be done by that day. Mine is July 31st which gives me two weeks to finalize everything and pick over it until it is perfect. And don't make the deadline the day before schools starts! 

{Reward Yourself} Go ahead! You deserve it!! You just spent two months working on stuff for school, so treat yo self. I think my treat is going to be ordering my Lilly agenda and finally go back-to-school shopping! 

Do y'all have any tips for getting through the treacherous summer work?


Yellow, White, & Navy

Maybe I am in the minority here, but I have never been a big fan of white pants/shorts. I don't know. I never owned any, and I never really had any desired to until recently. I've just seen them styled so nicely lately, so I jumped on the bandwagon. Plus, I have been loving navy and white.

Navy & Yellow

Navy & Yellow by juliannakearn featuring mossimo

Also, yellow and navy? Again, loving it! Hopefully I can score some white shorts from the Gap or Old Navy before Labor Day!


You Can't Change Your Spots

I wouldn't say I am the biggest fan of animal prints. Everyone, including me, at my school went through a zebra phase, and sadly, I regret it every time I look at my bed spread. But I have been really into leopard the past couple months. My sister likes it a lot more than I do, but I am game for a few cute leopard print accessories. 

I have these leopard print shoes from Target, and they aren't the most comfortable, but they are super cute! I like wearing them with my green jeans and white button down because they give that little kick to a basic outfit. 

I feel like the print is much more of a fall/winter print, but I think you could work it into a little spring/summer outfit! I'm secretly coveting a light weight leopard print scarf. 

What do you think of leopard print? 


Music Monday | Liz Longley

I've talked about Liz Longley when I put her on my summer playlist. I absolutely adore her. Hands down one of my favorite female artists besides TaySwizzle. I first heard of Liz Longley when I went to a Livingston Taylor concert with my parents. She opened up for him since she took one of his classes at Berkeley College of Music.  After she performed, I got to meet her, and she's one of the sweetest people! 

Check out some of my favorite songs from her, and be sure to check her out on twitter!

I also am looking for some new music to listen to! Any suggestions? 


Hair Crush :: Spencer Hastings

I will admit that I used to be obsessed with Pretty Little Liars. I watch the show occasionally now, but the only reason I watch it is for Spencer and Toby. And I am a little obsessed with Spencer's style specifically her hair. Braids on braids on braids. 

This hair style is my favorite! I am 99% sure it is a twist on a Dutch braid. (I'm also a little obsessed with her outfit in this scene.)

This video shows you how to do these first three braids. 

I also love this entire hair/outfit combo. Makes me wish my hair was longer. 

Who's your hair crush??


Counting Down the Days

Autumn happens to be my favorite season. Leaves falling. Brisk air. Seasonal Starbucks drinks. Football season. The fashion. What is there to complain about? I absolutely adore jeans, boots, scarves and sweaters. As I much as I love summer, autumn is the best season. 

Coconuts Classic Wide Calf Riding Boot | I'm in the market for new riding boots this season. I got a pair of pretty cheap boots last year, and in a month, they were already falling apart. I know, I know. I probably should drop some money to get good quality boots, but I can't. Spending that much money is just a little much for me (and my dad.) Sorry, Tory Burch. Maybe one day.

Merino Tippi Sweater | I basically live in crew neck sweaters or sweatshirts during autumn and winter. I got the cutest one from the Gap last season. Black stripes with a red bow! However, I've been wanting a Tippi sweater from J.Crew for a while, and I might take the plunge this year. (If I find one on sale.) 

Sea Bound Striped Scarf | This might sound a little weird, but I love wearing spring-y looking scarves in the colder months. I guess they only qualify as a spring accessory based on the type of fabric they are made of. Most of my scarves come from Target, seriously their scarf section is the bomb, but I really like the ones from Forever21. Also, be sure to check out Marley Lilly's monogrammed ones! 

Violet Dress | I'll let you in on something . . . I own three LBDs. A sleeveless one, one with short sleeves, and a 3/4 sleeved dress. I am so obsessed with LBDs because they are so easy to wear! I mean you can throw on a statement necklace or a bright scarf or just your classic pearls! How wonderful is that?

Are you counting down the days till autumn? Or do you wish summer would last a little longer?

xoxo, Julianna