How to :: Get Through Summer Work

{Summer Work} Those two words that literally make some of us cringe. I don't know why teachers think working over the summer will prepare us for classes, but they do. So here are some of my personal tips if you have been struggling to finish like I have. 

This is what my life has looked like for the past four weeks. 

{Rockin' Playlist} I know some people can't work with music playing, but some how I was blessed with the ability to do this. (However, I have to take tests in complete silence.) If you're like me, make sure your playlist is stocked with great, relaxing music. I have a work playlist on my Spotify that is filled with Mumford & Sons, Ed Sheeran, Mat Kearney, and more! It's mainly songs that I know by heart, so singing comes easily, but they don't distract me. 

{Break It Down} When you first get that list of books you have to read and projects that accompany them, you feel a little (a lot) panicked. So break it down. Instead of seeing it as four essays, three books, two projects, and one study guide, see it as one essay one day, a couple of chapters the next, and some questions another day. Don't overwhelm yourself by doing it all at once. 

{Schedule & Deadline} Once you've broken it down, create a schedule. Know what your goals are for each day and stick to it! You'll get everything done a lot faster. Then create your ultimate deadline. Everything has to be done by that day. Mine is July 31st which gives me two weeks to finalize everything and pick over it until it is perfect. And don't make the deadline the day before schools starts! 

{Reward Yourself} Go ahead! You deserve it!! You just spent two months working on stuff for school, so treat yo self. I think my treat is going to be ordering my Lilly agenda and finally go back-to-school shopping! 

Do y'all have any tips for getting through the treacherous summer work?

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