Autumn Uniform

Fun fact: I wear two variations of the same outfit during the fall pretty consistently. One variation is pretty nice, and I'm proud of it, but the other one is for my lazy days. 

My school has this weird rule that our leggings have to have seams on the outside, (because that makes them pants) so I don't wear them too often. But let's be real. Some days all you want to wear is leggings and an over sized t-shirt. 

Do y'all have an autumn go-to outfit?

August Favorites

It's that time of the month of again! August is almost done, and I'm kinda excited about that. I've got one month of school under my belt, and college football is starting TODAY! But here are my favorite from this month . . .
You can call me '2 Chainz' 
I'm absolutely in love with this chain necklace I got from Target! I think one of the big, chunky chain necklaces would be even more fabulous!

via the NU Football Tumblr 

High school has officially started! My Chiefs started the season with a 55-7 win.

Royals - Lorde 
You can call me Queen Bee


That iPhone Life

So...long story short my iPhone shattered. Yeah, I've never broken my phone, so I was pretty upset. (I was crying at football practice.) Luckily, it was just my screen, so my dad could get it fixed pretty easily/quick. However, my phone breaking meant my dad looked up when my contract expired, and guess what???

An iPhone 5 will soon belong to me! (I really want a better camera for my phone.)

Which means I have to get a new phone case. I'm actually super excited because I love phone cases. 

Ugh, so I really want a Lilly case, but I can't choose! The Lucky Charms one matches my agenda, but I also love First Impressions, Chin Chin, and Let's Cha  Cha. 

Where do y'all get your phone cases from?


Fall Nail Polish Collections

I love fall nail polish, but I truly think it could be a hit of miss considering fall is such a weird time for colors. Like you don't want you nail polish to be too bright or too dark. However, I think Essie and OPI nailed their collections this year!

via Essie's twitter

Ummm... I'll buy all of these. I think my favorites are "After School Boy Blazer" and "Twin Sweater Set." The navy and red colors are honestly just too perfect! 

I think OPI's San Francisco collection is much more dark and neutral than Essie's collection, but I love it just the same. I love their deep purples and kinda pinks this season! 

What are your favorite fall nail colors? 


The September Issue

It's that time of the year again. The incredible, much anticipated September Issue is out!!! As y'all know, I am obsessed with Vogue, and this is the first September Issue I have actually gotten. EEEK. 

I knew I had to pick up this issue once I saw my favorite actress of the moment, Jennifer Lawrence on the cover! Plus 902 pages of fashion? Perfect. Also two Grace Coddington shoots, one of which was done with Annie Leibowitz!! 

I guess one of the good things about me is that I love fashion ads! I mean, I have an entire pin board dedicated to them. And Vogue is always full of them so... New IRL inspiration board might be coming up! ;) 



Fun fact you might not know about me: I love women's soccer. I got really into the sport during the Olympics, and while I don't watch games on regular, I try to keep up with a lot of things about the players and such. So when I saw that one of ESPN's last Nine for IX films was about the 1999 Women's World Cup team, I knew I had to watch it. 

Okay, I say this literally about almost every sport documentary I have watched, but this one was amazing! Julie Foudy had a bunch of home videos from their journey to the World Cup, and you get to see the team in a way you wouldn't normally get to see. And they are such dorks! 

Around eight or nine of the players from the team go back to the stadium in California, and they reminisce over their experience during the World Cup, and then at some point Abby Wambach and Alex Morgan talk to some of the players. Honestly, this just made me want to play soccer which is literally the worst idea ever considering I can't run... 

Ugh, literally just go watch this. I love it so much. I love the USWNT. I love women's soccer. So much love.


Healthy Living | Aqua, Aqua!

So I'm not the biggest health nut ever... I mean, I usually try to watch what I eat, but I've never really gotten fully committed to eating super healthy. Till recently! 

It's always one of my new school year resolutions to eat better, and I'm pretty good about it the first day. After that...not so much. Like all last year, I pretty much didn't eat lunch and binged on food when I got home. #NotPretty 

But that's all changing...slowly, but still changing! Eating breakfast is still kind of a struggle for me considering I'm never hungry in the morning, but the lunch and dinner routines have improved so much! 

Here's my favorite thing about this new healthy living: water. I'm the worst at drinking water because I'm kind of snob about it. (It does taste different!) But I've started carrying a water bottle with me during the second half my school day, and I feel so much better. It also helps that I'm not dehydrated after football practice when it's super hot. 

I have a pretty basic water bottle from Target, but these are so cute and fun! I think having a fun water bottle makes all the difference in whether or not you want to drink water. Tervis sells the most adorable collegiate tumblers with polka dots, and I love the idea of a monogrammed Camelbak (#bandwagon). Then Marley Lilly and Lilly Pulitzer has the cutest designs!  

These type of posts might become a weekly thing if y'all are okay with that! 


Blogging Inspiration

Today, I am going to give some of my favorite/first blogs I read some love! These five blogs are the reason I started my blog, and you can always check out all the blogs that I love/read over on the sidebar! 
{Carly aka the College Prepster} So everyone and their sister reads Carly's blog, and I absolutely understand why! Between her adorable OOTDs, organized life, and inspirational life posts, TCP is perfect! This is the blog I've been reading the longest, and she really did inspire me to want to blog. Her blog also helped my personal style evolve

{Mackenzie aka Design Darling} First off, can I mention how jealous I am of Mackenzie hair? And her closest? All of her outfit posts are spot on, and I love the idea of 101 in 1001! Plus her boutique has the cutest everything! 

{Rebecca aka Life with rMe} I originally followed Rebecca on her tumblr, and her blog is one of the first I followed when I created Sass del Sur. I've talked to Rebecca a couple of times, and she is one of the biggest sweethearts! Plus her instagram is ah-mazing. (Also, she loves Spanish which is my favorite class!)

{Caroline aka Citrus & Style} I definitely dove into blogging once I started reading Caroline's blog! (Ya know, considering we are the same age and stuff!) She's a fellow lover of all things pink & navy, and I adore all her outfits! 

{Sarah aka Note to Self} When I grow up, I want to be Sarah Tolzmann. Like her life is amazing. She worked for Matchbook Mag, and she currently works for Ralph Lauren. Her print shop is just perfect, and I want to buy all of them. I'm actually obsessed with her Boston one.

For all the other blogs I love, check out What I Am Reading! And I am always looking for more blogs to read. 

P.S. Note all of the blog logos belong to their owners. 


What I am Loving | Sweater Weather

I. Love. Fall. I honestly cannot say that enough. I love seeing the leaves change, watching football, drinking Starbucks, and most importantly, wearing fall clothes! 

Some days it's getting a little bit colder down here in Georgia, but the weather is still in the 70s-80s mostly. No matter, I will cherish the weather when it's officially fall aka SWEATER WEATHER until it gets cold. (Yes, I do think it get freezing in Georgia.)  


Lilly Pulitzer Endless Summer Sale!

Hey y'all, it's everyone's favorite holiday! The Endless Summer Sale aka the most wonderful and stressful time of the year. So I was at school, before it started, when the sale started, and oh my gosh. I have never been more stressed about clothes. My best friend and I were literally stressing out during second and third period. Thankfully for my ah-mazing mother, who teaches at my school, spent basically the entire day trying to get on the website! Between third and fourth period, my mom finally was able to put in the order which means I now have a homecoming dress. Also, thankfully I only wanted one thing. 

The Caldwell Dress in Dock Hopper

This was one of my favorite prints this summer, and I'm too excited for it come! (It's already shipped too!)



I love stationery. There is something perfect about a cute piece of paper with a kind, handwritten note. Sadly, I don't write enough handwritten notes! Maybe I would write more if I had some adorable stationery...

Clockwise: May Books // Papyrus // Papyrus // Design Darling


August Playlist

I don't think I have ever created a playlist with so much diversity in the types of music on it... I mean how often on you going to see Carly Simon mentioned in the same sentence as One Direction? 

Listen on Spotify!

What music are you loving this month?


Life Update!

Hey y'all, I know I didn't instagram too much in my life this week, so I thought I'd give you a quick recap of my first week of sophomore year! 

I like most all my classes except Chem, which I knew would be the death of me, and Newspaper, which I had last year, so I knew what to expect out of it. (BUT I AM SPORTS EDITOR, HOLLA.) I absolutely adore my Spanish teacher, and my APWH teacher might be one of my favorite teachers ever! Math is only stressing me out because math always stresses me out, but I really love my math teacher, too. 

Football has been great, too, but I am doing a ton of new stuff with our new athletic trainer and working up with varsity a bit, so that is kinda making me stress/anxious. I did learn how to tape a wrist though, so... ya know, I'm practically an athletic trainer! (I'm totally kidding on that.)

I also I liked to apologize in advance if I don't update every day this upcoming week! I'm going to try to schedule a ton of posts this week, but we will see how that works out... 


J.Crew :: Autumn '13

J.Crew's New Arrivals

This season, I don't think there is anything that I MUST have from J.Crew, but I really do love the colors for the Merino sweaters. The light sky and neon coral color are perfect! 
What are you loving from J.Crew this season?