DIY :: Monogrammed Binder Cover

Here's the start of my "Back-to-School" series! 

Sadly, I don't have Photoshop. However, I really wanted monogrammed binder covers last year, and most of the tutorials are for Photoshop. So I decided to play around a bit on Open Office Drawing, and volia, I did it! 
You can do this on Microsoft Publisher, but the settings might be a little different. 

First: Open your software of choice and copy your pattern onto the page. I usually use Lilly Pulitzer patterns, but I think I might go with some chevron this year! 

Second: Depending on the print and how busy it is I might crop it, so there is less going on. Then I stretch the print to fit the page.

Third: Monogram time! Visit lipstickshades.com, go to Monogram iPhone 4 Case, and click which ever case. It doesn't matter. 

Fourth: Personalize the case so it's all white and the monogram is in a font and color you like. I am a big of fan of the Vine font, and I usually pick a small accent color from the print! Then click finished with design and print screen your design. 

Fifth: Take the print screen and copy it into a paint program. Crop it enough that only the monogram shows and there's little white space around your monogram. Then save it. 

Sixth: Go back to your document with your print, and insert a circle, I like a white one, with an invisible line. On Open Office, you can right click and align it in the center of the page. (You could always do this BEFORE the monogram, but for some reason, I never do.)

Seventh: Then you will insert your monogram onto the document. You will probably have to crop some of the white on the monogram and play around with the size of the circle. Mess around with it until it is to your liking! Make sure to center both the circle and monogram. Then save and print your beautiful creation. 

YAY!!! There you go! Now you can go back to school with an adorable monogrammed cover. 
If you have any questions, please, feel free to ask me. 

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