Life Update!

Hey y'all, I know I didn't instagram too much in my life this week, so I thought I'd give you a quick recap of my first week of sophomore year! 

I like most all my classes except Chem, which I knew would be the death of me, and Newspaper, which I had last year, so I knew what to expect out of it. (BUT I AM SPORTS EDITOR, HOLLA.) I absolutely adore my Spanish teacher, and my APWH teacher might be one of my favorite teachers ever! Math is only stressing me out because math always stresses me out, but I really love my math teacher, too. 

Football has been great, too, but I am doing a ton of new stuff with our new athletic trainer and working up with varsity a bit, so that is kinda making me stress/anxious. I did learn how to tape a wrist though, so... ya know, I'm practically an athletic trainer! (I'm totally kidding on that.)

I also I liked to apologize in advance if I don't update every day this upcoming week! I'm going to try to schedule a ton of posts this week, but we will see how that works out... 

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