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As promised, here is how I organize my Lilly Pulitzer agenda for school! Last year, I used a large agenda in the pattern May Flowers, and this year, I am using a jumbo agenda in the pattern Lucky Charms. My system for this year will be the same as last year because it worked out really well for me! 

Here's a side by side comparison of the Large & Jumbo agenda.
Monthly View
August 2013! This will be filled in no time.
One of my favorite parts of the Lilly agendas is that they have both a monthly and a weekly view. For the monthly calendars, I typically use a purple, pink, or black pen depending on my mood, but I write down when I have tests and quizzes, people's birthdays, and game days! It's nice to be able to see my entire month laid out. 

Weekly View

Feb. 2013 | Example of how I color code.
August 2013 | First Day of School! 
Here comes the color coding! 
Black: Homework
Red: Tests/Projects
Pink: Quizzes
Green: Game Days & Practices
Purple: Important Misc. 

The colors help draw my eyes to the important things. 

So, that's it! Be sure to check back tomorrow for more Back to School posts! 


  1. Love Lilly agendas! They're seriously the best!