Organization & Study Tips

Fair warning: I've never been "disorganized." I am super type-A and have been since I was five. I have a place for everything, and everything is in its place. This is also my personal way of staying on top of things and studying. No two people are just a like! Take my advice with a grain of salt and figure out what works best for you. Okay, let's jump into this. (This is also super text heavy, sorry!) 

{The Three C's | Color Code, Clean & Calendar}| These are the top 3 things I do that keep me organized. 

Color Code | I mainly color code my agenda. Black is for homework. Pink is for quizzes. Red is for test/projects. Green is for sporting events. Light Blue is for social events. Being able to see the different colors really helps me differentiate the things I have to do. If it was written in all black, everything would seem unimportant to me, but when I see red, I know I have a test I need to study for. 

Clean | This one is MAJOR. Going through all your binders and folders once a week or every two weeks really helps you cut down the amount of trash you have. Like do I really need that piece of paper I wrote one sentence on? (Story of my life in English last year.) Or any of my bingo boards for the Spanish vocab I already took a test on? Probably not. It's better to clean frequently than all at once because that's when it gets overwhelming.

Calendar | I have a saying: if it's not in my Lilly agenda, I don't care. I literally write down EVERYTHING in my agenda. Games, tests, doctor's appts, people's birthdays . . . and guess what? I remember all of it! You know what the worst thing is? Walking into science and forgetting you had a test that day, so WRITE IT DOWN. You will thank yourself that you didn't double book yourself, and you remembered to study for that day with three tests and two quizzes. 

Find a System that WORKS | You know how in elementary school they told you how many binders you had to have and what kind of pens? Yeah, I hated that. Personally, I work best with two binders. I split my day into two sections: morning classes and afternoon classes, so I have two or three subjects in each. I can't deal with having to switch and carry six binders, but putting six subjects into ONE binder? Talk about a mess. And that's me personally. Figure out a system that works for YOU. Maybe it is one big binder, or maybe it is six smaller ones. It's up to you! 

Set Goals | I am not the type of person to make New Year's resolutions, but I set goals every semester. Like usually in the first semester, I want to be a good football manager, start the year with good grades, and impress my teachers! For me, it's a lot easier to accomplishment goals when I see results quickly. (Sorry, I'm sorry that I am incredibly impatient.)

Flashcards & Outlines | Flashcards help me a ton for learning Spanish vocab and science terms! Quizlet is a great app I will talk about later this week. Creating outlines of chapters really helped me for the past two years in science. I usually write down the vocab in each chapter, the main points and have little bullets about the main stuff. 

Take Notes that Work for YOU | You might have more leeway on this than I do, but I fully believe notes should be taken in ways that are helpful to students. I think learning should be all about how YOU personally learn instead of trying to appeal to the mass. 

Do Your Homework & Pay Attention | Want to know how I did so well in math? I did my homework 97% of the time. I actually had to make a deal with my teacher that I always had to show my math homework because when I didn't do it, my grades on tests suffered. (If we got As on tests, we didn't have to show our homework.)
Want to know how I got a very high A in Spanish? I paid attention. That's literally it. I didn't study too much except for maybe five minutes before a test because I learned everything I needed to know during class. Also, once I started paying more attention in science, studying became easier for me.
Teachers aren't lying to you when they say homework is toward YOUR benefit, and paying attention will make homework 100x easier.

Review | Another wise thing my math teacher taught me. Review.Review.Review. Just do a little every night, and you're golden! This especially is helpful for math. You never know when you're going to need to remember how to do something from the last unit! 

Do y'all have any other advice? I'd love to hear it.
And later today, I will do a post on how I organize my agenda!


  1. Later in the semester, you should show off your flashcards and binders and what not! Then you can have more pictures in a post like this. And a lot of more disorganized people might only start studying/trying to get organized in the middle of the semester. Love your blog!

    1. I'll be sure to do that! Probably around November to December. Thanks for the suggestion. xx.