September Favorites

September is over, y'all... I am a little sad because I love this month a lot, but October is my favorite month! It has been kind of crazy month... But also a really fun one. 

Here's what I loved this month... 

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread

Love my daddy for making me pumpkin bread earlier this week. 

Aussie Hairspray 

Seriously, probably the greatest hairspray I've used. 


AHH! Her album, Pure Heroine, comes out today, and I am too excited to listen to it.


Ever since I saw Caroline's outfit post with booties, I've been obsessed with them.

Being 5-0! 
The Chiefs finished the month of September with a perfect record, an important revenge win for Homecoming, and an impressive comeback win last Friday. 

What did y'all love this month?


The Art of the Top Knot

When my hair was longer, I would braid my hair whenever I had a bad hair day. But then I chopped off my hair, so I didn't have a go-to hair style for when I didn't want a pony-tail or wear my hair down. Then I discovered the art of the top knot...y'all, it's the greatest thing ever. 

Throwing your hair on top of your hair and having people say your hair looks cute? I'll take it.
Top knots are seriously one of my favorite things right now, and I think the best part is that you can let them look super messy or super sleek. You can add bows or scarves. There is no limit for what you can do with your top knot, and they are basically always appropriate

What's your go-to hairstyle?


Self - Motivation

Lately, it's seemed like I CAN'T get motivated. I've been getting super down on myself, and I guess it's part of my anxiety. Sometimes, in my mind, I think that it is better not to do something and not care about something than to care so much about something and do it poorly. 

But here comes the perfectionist part of me...I will always care. And I have these spouts in which I care a lot about something but don't do anything about it. Oh Lord, the struggles. 

Here's the thing, though. No one else can motivate me. Not my best friends. Not my momma. No one. Except for myself. I mean, we all know how hard self motivating can be. Sometimes it is easier to think, who cares? But guess what, I care. (And you should care about yourself.) And that should be enough. 

But like Mindy Kaling said, sometimes you have to pretend to be psyched about something. In all honestly, I could care less about any chemistry test I have to take, but in the end, I know that studying will end up helping me. Doing my math homework will actually benefit me. And so will not procrastinating. 

I think what I am trying to say is that motivation doesn't appear out of thin air most up the time. Sometimes, you get bouts of insane motivation to do something, but usually you have to create it yourself! 
Make lists. Check them off. Make goals. Have gigantic dreams. Get psyched. 

If I care about something, why not do it? Me caring is enough of a reason to create motivation. 


Technical Difficulties

Hey y'all, the home laptop has been acting up lately, so I'm not sure when I can schedule/make posts! Hopefully it's a quick fix, and I'm ├╝ber sorry for not having a post today! 


I Don't Care; I Love It | Homecoming 2013

Homecoming this year was so much better than last year's! I went with people I adored, danced with my best friends, and there was literally no drama. I'm so blessed to have amazing friends that made my night perfect. 

I love Ethan! (My best friend's boyfriend.)

My perfect group! (Andrew, Ethan, me, Hannah, Megan, Chris, Katie, Tori, and Natalie!)

My best friend and me in our Lillys at dinner! 

Tori, Hannah, Katie, me, Naddles, and Megan

What I Wore: 
Dress: Lilly Pulitzer. Necklace: Banana Republic, Shoes: Jack Rogers


To-Do List | Reading Edition

Whenever school starts, I feel like I have NO time to read  for fun anymore because I am always reading things for school whether it be a history article or my chemistry textbook! BUT there are so many books I want to read... 

Divergent, The Book Thief, The Great Gatsby, Londoners, Pride and Prejudice

What do y'all suggest I read?


What a Week...

Y'all this has been the longest/most fun week ever. I seriously had a love/hate relationship with this week. (This post is kind of going along with my Saturday Recap from yesterday!) 


The start of spirit week aka the greatest week of the year... It was 'Merica Monday, and my school was in the running for team of the week! Basically the only good parts of the day.
Why did the teachers make spirit week so stressful? 


I'd rather just forget this day (crazy teachers bein' crazy. The usual) ...Until practice when I found out my school came back 4% on votes to tie for team of the week!!! We actually ended up crashing the website... Whoops! 


Today I created the theory that wearing a flower crown makes everything better. It was Decades Day, and I was late 60s, early 70s I guess... But the flower crown made my day! Seriously, nothing went wrong. I also went to the Powder Puff game which is always fun to watch. I mean, male cheerleaders? Too fantastic.

Spirit Day part 1! Today was our pep rally for  being team of the week, and it was fabulous. I love when everyone has a ton of school spirit.

Spirit Day part 2/Character Day! I was the football team's princess because...well, I am the only girl. The second pep rally was just as fun, and the game was perfect. We won!!! 48-40! #Undefeated
I would lie and say I didn't cry, but I did...

Homecoming Dance!! I went with three of my best friends and their dates. I fully believe homecoming is what you make it, so you should NEVER be too stressed out about it...That's the best way to do it! I had a ton of fun, and my group was pretty much perfect!

I hope y'all's week was just as fabulous and maybe a little less crazy.


"A Love Letter to Women"

I don't think I've even expressed my love for the designer on here, so here it is...I am obsessed with Oscar de la Renta. In a dream world, I live in New York and wear his Ready-to-Wear all the time. Something about the beautiful details and colors...  

And in all honesty, his Spring/Summer 2014 collection is on top! 

Like for real, I would wear at least 90% of this. 

How wonderful...

What did y'all love at NYFW this year?

Tory Burch // J.Crew (swooning over their men's collection) // Nanette Lepore 

Also, this dress? I need the money to buy it and a place to wear it ASAP.


Personality Type

I was always taking personality quizzes when I was little. The really lame ones that you could know which answers would give you what results, but I loved taking them for some reason. Now that I am not 8... my favorite personality test is the Myers-Briggs Personality Test. 

I first took the MBTI test in seventh grade, and I was an ISTJ, but three years later, I am more of  extroverted now, so I am an ESTJ. Extroverted. Sensing. Thinking. Judging.

Well... yeah. 

But this leads into my other favorite personality test! True Colors test. Your Myers-Briggs test and True Colors got together, and since I am an ESTJ, I have a "gold' personality. 

This is basically me in a nutshell!

I feel like once you know you personality, you know how to manage your life a lot better. As you can see, I do a lot of things that can frustrate others, and knowing this traits will help me interact better with people! (But let's be honest, I will never not be obsessive and a control freak. At least I know.)


Music Monday | September Playlist

I'm listening to a ton of music that's been out for a while, but it's the first time I have listened to it...so it's new to me. This "new" music is so different than what I normally listen to. Like I normally listen to super pop-y/country music, and this new music is more relaxed and indie and like I-want-to-wear-flower-crowns. Which is different in a good way. 

September Playlist


Autumn Pants

Once upon a time, I strayed from bright/printed pants. I literally only wore jeans from Mid October-March. It was a problem. I think my mom ended up forcing me to go buy new pants because I started wearing athletic shorts when my jeans were in the wash. Even then I really kinda avoided my bright pants because I still felt awkward wearing them. 

Until this season. I am seriously loving all kinds of pants. Bright colors. Interesting patterns. It's fabulous.

Bright Colors

I love colored cords so much, and Gap is seriously on top of it this season with the colors. 


Oh, J.Crew. I could buy all of your pants. 


(for the summer, but personally, I think they can work in the south's fall.)

Judge me. I wear shorts and skirts in the fall. 

Now, can it please be just a tad bit colder?


Boots and Boys...

They bring me so much joy. So much joy. 
Please tell me I am not the only one who loves that Ke$ha song. #guiltypleasure 

As cooler weather slowly approaches (hate this Georgia weather), the hunt for the perfect pair a winter shoes in on like Donkey Kong. I also only wear three pairs of shoes right now so...I need riding boots.
I have enormous calves, so finding riding boots and boots in general is horrible. Then hallelujah, I find out Macy's have a entire section of wide calf boots. 

Marc Fisher, Amber Tall Wide Calf Riding Boots

Hello perfection. *heart eye emoji* I am in love. Perfect color. Perfect heel height. Perfect toe. And 15-3/10" inches for my calves? AHHHHH. A trip to Macy's is in store for sure. 

Bonus Shoes!

L.L. Bean Bean Boots

Never would have thought I would have fallen in with Bean Boots, but I have! I think these would be a great investment in a year or so... 

Where did you get your favorite boots? 


Here's What You Missed On...

Hey y'all, did you miss me? Cause I really missed this blog and all the people who read it. I checked up on it every day, but I really missed writing for it. I got a little bit of inspiration this week, and I am excited to come back! 

Here's a quick little recap of my life: 

Y'all, I started doing a lot better in school this past week, and I think I am starting to like it a lot more. I still have little motivation to do anything except for like college... (I guess that's big motivator.) I am actually starting to like all my classes too. APWH, Spanish, and math are still my favorite classes, but I really like chemistry which is weird because a week ago, I hated it. 

The Chiefs started out their season 2-0, and I am so in love with this team. Most of them have become like my brothers, and I have fallen more in love with the guys who are in my grade. I love this family so much, and I love being the student athletic trainer. I've actually only worked one game for the varsity, and I attempted to work for the freshman team, but I think I am going to stick with JV. 

I've only had one major panic attack, and I am really proud of that. My school is super stressful, so I have to self advocate, and that's really hard me, but I am learning. I've been talking to my three best friends who are in college, and that's been helping me a lot. I constantly text one of them during school, and I am glad the three of them live in Georgia still. 

I'll be back to my regular posting tomorrow! Promise.


Ta Ta for Now!

Hey y'all, for the week of September 2nd, I will be taking a little bit of a blogging break. I realized I needed to do this yesterday when I saw I had almost no complete posts scheduled. Life has been really busy with school and football, and I haven't adjusted well to school yet. (I really miss my seniors from last year.) And I really don't want this blog to become something I dread working on or barely put any effort in, so I am taking this week to really focus on making sure I have my life together, and I won't take it out on here!

Once I am well rested and caught up on everything, I will be back at full force! Sass del Sur will come back better than ever, and hopefully, I will find a ton of inspiration to share with y'all! 

While I am on my mini vacation from blogging, I will still be tweeting, pinning, and instagramming so make sure you follow me there! 

See y'all in a week, and thank you so much for understanding! 

P.S. I will still be linking up with Sara this Saturday! 


Okay, so game day was really yesterday, but I am still as excited about college as I was yesterday. Yesterday was the perfect start college football. (Except Kentucky, but we know that transition will take time.) 

10:30 #GetUp4GameDay

Oh, College GameDay...I get up bright and earlier to watch you, and your signs weren't even that funny. I blame it on the Clemson and UGA fans and how they aren't funny.

The best part was when they all picked NU to beat Cal!

1:00 Rice @ Texas A&M

(AP Photo/Eric Gay)

Johnny Football (who I still love and will defend until I turn blue.) sat out the first half, but the Aggies didn't need it. Sadly, even when Manziel got back in, he acted slightly more immature than he normally does on the field. (Hey, y'all...he did the money gesture last year.) So Sumlin sat him out the rest of the game.

A&M won 52-31.

3:30 Penn State @ Syracuse

(AP Photo/Centre Daily Times, Nabil K. Mark) 

Go Nittany Lions! My best friend, Jo, loves Penn State, so I am always sure to root for them! And this game we live texted it to each other... I had never watched a PSU game before yesterday, but they are so much fun to watch! Coach O'Brien sure is making this a program to be proud of again. (Not to mention Hack is adorable.)

Penn State won 23-17.

8:30 Lol Georgia @ Clemson

I won't even give you a recap of this. Just go look at a sad "Dawg" fan's facebook page.

10:30 Northwestern @ Cal

1. I hate west coast games. 2. This ended at 2:15, so I didn't watch all of it.

(AP Photo/Ben Margot)

I AM SO PROUD OF MY CATS! A 44-30 win over Cal to start the season! ajlkfdjaldfkjadfhaf!!! #B1GCats

Any of y'all watch football last night??