Self - Motivation

Lately, it's seemed like I CAN'T get motivated. I've been getting super down on myself, and I guess it's part of my anxiety. Sometimes, in my mind, I think that it is better not to do something and not care about something than to care so much about something and do it poorly. 

But here comes the perfectionist part of me...I will always care. And I have these spouts in which I care a lot about something but don't do anything about it. Oh Lord, the struggles. 

Here's the thing, though. No one else can motivate me. Not my best friends. Not my momma. No one. Except for myself. I mean, we all know how hard self motivating can be. Sometimes it is easier to think, who cares? But guess what, I care. (And you should care about yourself.) And that should be enough. 

But like Mindy Kaling said, sometimes you have to pretend to be psyched about something. In all honestly, I could care less about any chemistry test I have to take, but in the end, I know that studying will end up helping me. Doing my math homework will actually benefit me. And so will not procrastinating. 

I think what I am trying to say is that motivation doesn't appear out of thin air most up the time. Sometimes, you get bouts of insane motivation to do something, but usually you have to create it yourself! 
Make lists. Check them off. Make goals. Have gigantic dreams. Get psyched. 

If I care about something, why not do it? Me caring is enough of a reason to create motivation. 

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