Ta Ta for Now!

Hey y'all, for the week of September 2nd, I will be taking a little bit of a blogging break. I realized I needed to do this yesterday when I saw I had almost no complete posts scheduled. Life has been really busy with school and football, and I haven't adjusted well to school yet. (I really miss my seniors from last year.) And I really don't want this blog to become something I dread working on or barely put any effort in, so I am taking this week to really focus on making sure I have my life together, and I won't take it out on here!

Once I am well rested and caught up on everything, I will be back at full force! Sass del Sur will come back better than ever, and hopefully, I will find a ton of inspiration to share with y'all! 

While I am on my mini vacation from blogging, I will still be tweeting, pinning, and instagramming so make sure you follow me there! 

See y'all in a week, and thank you so much for understanding! 

P.S. I will still be linking up with Sara this Saturday! 

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