Red Dress Boutique!

I absolutely love small boutiques. (Check out my post about one in Kentucky!) There is something just very unique and special about them, and of course I have to support this one because it's in Georgia! Red Dress Boutique is a cute little place in Athens, and while I have yet to go there, the website is too perf. 

J.Crew inspired and Kentucky blue? This can't get better.

I adore this navy shift dress! 

I love this shorts! 


The Beginning vs. The Middle

I definitely know I have a problem comparing my progress/work to other people's. Sometimes I will read my writing for Newspaper, and I'm like Sports Illustrated wouldn't publish this... Or I will look at my blog, and I think well, it's doesn't look like x,y,z... But here's the thing: I've only been writing for a year and a half, and I've only been blogging for around five months. Who expects that stuff to be fabulous?

I am really only in the beginning of anything I am doing considering I am only fifteen. (Sixteen in 104 days BUT WHO'S COUNTING?) Nothing I do right now has to be "perfect" by anyone's standards... even my own. I think as long as I am trying to improve everything I am working on, then I am alright. You can't compare your work to anyone else's and put yourself down because you're probably in TWO completely different places. (However, I think comparing things because you want to help yourself is different.)


11 Days Till Big Blue Madness

Schwell... College basketball is about to begin, and y'all are about to see a COMPLETELY different side of me. Baseball and football are my favorite sports, but Kentucky basketball runs through my blood.

UK basketball didn't go so well last year... Oh well, we still have 8 NCAA championships. #HatersGonnaHate. This year is definitely going to be better than last because I mean, we recruited twins! How much better could it get? (Also, haters gonna hate on the "One and Done" thing. Y'all are just jealous we can recruit talent like that.)

I'm not expecting another title this year, but the SEC championship title would be oh-so nice, Coach Cal. (Also, beating Louisville would be nice too. Just sayin'.) 

I've got my Wildcat Pride! Let's go BBN! 

P.S. I love UK basketball because my cousin played for them in the late 90s! 


Spooky Playlist

I really love Halloween music, and since Halloween is THIS Thursday, I thought I would create a little Halloween playlist to put everyone is the mood. 

What are y'all doing for Halloween? 
I'm handing out candy with my dad since he is off work for the week! 


Good Night Moon

I confess. I wear norts and athletic shorts to bed 100% of the time. I don't think I even OWN a set of pajamas right now which I don't know why, but I find that really sad. It hit me the other day that owning a pair of nice pajamas just might make sleep a little bit better.


Serious Stuff (aka School) : Part 1

Back in August when I did my Organization & Study Tips post, someone suggested that I do kinda like a "comeback" post organization! I thought it was a brilliant idea, and I was going to do it around exams, but I feel like October can be the most stressful month.
(I am going to split this into multiple post because I don't want it to get too long.)

Part 1: Agenda

Told y'all calendars get filled in no time.

I can't stress enough that my agenda saves my butt. I hate those days where I don't write in it because I am too lazy to... Then I forget all my homework. Whoops. 

As y'all can see, I use sticky notes to remind me of things that I need to move around, or they are SUPER important. I also create to-do list on them that I can stick on the front of my agenda, so I can see easily what I need to do. One of my favorite things to write on sticky notes is inspiration or things to look forward to! Right now, I have one that says all the trips I am planning for second semester! 

Agendas are super personal items, so I definitely suggest buying one that fits your personal needs. I have had no problems with both of my Lilly Pulitzer ones, so personally, I would stick them! Maybe stick with the large size rather than the jumbo size though... It can be a bit of a hassle.
Kate Spade, Jonathan Adler, and Maybooks have so many cute options. 


York Design Co.

I've seen the gorgeous York Design Co. cuffs before, but as some of y'all know, I am super weird about bracelets. (And things on my wrists in general) I, however, might have to get over my anxiety about them for these adorable bracelets. They are just too cute! Here are just a few of my favorites: 

Houndstooth | I absolutely adore this print, and this is perfect for all y'all Bama girls.

Chevron Monogram | All three of my favorite colors plus a monogram? Perf!

ACK Nautical Flags | Nantucket and Nautical Flags...these are a few of my favorite things! 

Whale of a Time | Ala the famous J.Crew whale sweater. 

Preppy Ribbons | I adore red and navy, and a girl can never have too many bows.

I definitely would say these are my favorites, but there are some many cute designs and perfect prints! How is a girl to choose just one?

Which ones do y'all love?

Little Details

One of my favorite trends this season is leather detailing. In my opinion, it adds a little bit off toughness to softer pieces. And truly, J.Crew and Target are doing this trend the best. 

(I am absolutely in love with this dress)


Personal Accomplishments

I am so happy with myself right now!! Life is just pretty great right now.

Recently, I've had my first feature printed in our local sports magazine, and my second article, in my opinion, is pretty fabulous! (It's about our QB, so naturally it is super easy to write.) I feel like I did pretty well on the PSAT, and my classes are going pretty great! Including Chem. *happy dance* 
I think I am in a really good place right now,and I couldn't be more excited about it. 

P.S. It's the rivalry game tonight! Go Chiefs!


Top 5 Postseason/World Series Moments

As the postseason for baseball gets into full swing, I though I'd share with y'all my five favorite postseason/World Series moments. 

5. The Bartman Incident
Morry Gash/AP

I feel horrible that this one of my favorite moments, but it's just so interesting. I've talked about this before on here and the documentary, Catching Hell. But I think it's the perfect example of scapegoats in sports, and it's been TEN years...still no one has seen Steve Bartman. (This makes me want to cry really.)

4. Schilling's bloody sock

If you need to represent the 2004 ALCS with one item, this would be it. Probably one of the greatest series of ALL time. 

3. Roy Hallady's no-no
via NYT

One of the only no-hitters in the postseason, and it's the same year he got his perfect game. What a perfect man... For you, Chooch.

2. The Earthquake Series

All I can say is wow... An earthquake between two Bay Area teams during the WS... Wow.

1. Tug McGraw's final out of the 1980 World Series

Yeeeeahhhhh! Let's go Phils!

Do y'all have a favorite postseason moment?


Organization | Desk and Such!

This post was inspired by Rebecca's post on desk spaces.

Fun fact: Most of the time my desk has been a piling ground for the mess that is my life. But after reading Rebecca's post, I was totally inspired to clean my desk. 
(read: the surface. The drawers STILL have to be purged.) 
Clean desk = more space to work. 
More space to work = better work ethic. 
Clean desk = better work ethic. 

My love.

I wanna say that I got this desk when I was between seven and ten, and I got it from Ikea. (Which I adore btw.) I love it because of the clean look it has. 

Here's what on my desk (L to R): 
  • DIY monogrammed flower pot acting as a pencil holder on top of a Liberty handkerchief my sister got from London. 
  • A black and white picture of Paris. (I have one of the Metro on my dresser.) 
  • Flash cards. 
  • A clock I never use. 
  • Four note pads and a Chemistry handbook aka a life saver. 

My new number one rule for my desk is that I have to be able to see its surface. Once I can't, it's time to get to gettin'. 

Clearly I have a Lilly problem...


Early Autumn Haul!

Hey y'all, I went shopping this weekend for some transition pieces, and I am so in love with all of them. 

New jeans, hallelujah! I had three pairs, and none of them fit... (Old Navy)

Perfect boots from Target! At $40, these are a steal. 

I am so obsessed with these types of dresses. (Old Navy)

Yay for scarf season! (Target)

Let's talk about my awk mirror pic to show you my new sunglasses! 
They are tortoiseshell! (Target)


Just Like the Kennedys

Recently, I saw The Butler with my dad, and oh Lord, I cried from the first scene to the last scene. It's that emotionally moving to me. 
One of the parts that made me cry the most was surprisingly not about African-American rights in America per say . . . But it was when John F. Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy walked into the White House to meet the staff after JFK had given his inaugural speech. Oh my goodness, the tears when Jackie Kennedy said something about JFK being in the White House for eight years. 

Basically, I cried throughout the entire Kennedy administration . . . 

I adore the Kennedy family just because I believe that they just have such an amazing and interesting history. 

(Caroline Kennedy making her father hold her doll... Sassy McGee.)

Favorite first family? Go! 

P.S. Go see The Butler before it's too late!