11 Days Till Big Blue Madness

Schwell... College basketball is about to begin, and y'all are about to see a COMPLETELY different side of me. Baseball and football are my favorite sports, but Kentucky basketball runs through my blood.

UK basketball didn't go so well last year... Oh well, we still have 8 NCAA championships. #HatersGonnaHate. This year is definitely going to be better than last because I mean, we recruited twins! How much better could it get? (Also, haters gonna hate on the "One and Done" thing. Y'all are just jealous we can recruit talent like that.)

I'm not expecting another title this year, but the SEC championship title would be oh-so nice, Coach Cal. (Also, beating Louisville would be nice too. Just sayin'.) 

I've got my Wildcat Pride! Let's go BBN! 

P.S. I love UK basketball because my cousin played for them in the late 90s! 

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