Organization | Desk and Such!

This post was inspired by Rebecca's post on desk spaces.

Fun fact: Most of the time my desk has been a piling ground for the mess that is my life. But after reading Rebecca's post, I was totally inspired to clean my desk. 
(read: the surface. The drawers STILL have to be purged.) 
Clean desk = more space to work. 
More space to work = better work ethic. 
Clean desk = better work ethic. 

My love.

I wanna say that I got this desk when I was between seven and ten, and I got it from Ikea. (Which I adore btw.) I love it because of the clean look it has. 

Here's what on my desk (L to R): 
  • DIY monogrammed flower pot acting as a pencil holder on top of a Liberty handkerchief my sister got from London. 
  • A black and white picture of Paris. (I have one of the Metro on my dresser.) 
  • Flash cards. 
  • A clock I never use. 
  • Four note pads and a Chemistry handbook aka a life saver. 

My new number one rule for my desk is that I have to be able to see its surface. Once I can't, it's time to get to gettin'. 

Clearly I have a Lilly problem...


  1. I finally unplugged my clock since I never used mine either!! I don't use my watch either, but at least I like how it looks, haha!! Your desk is amazingly neat and clean. I'm inspired... let's see if it means I'll clean mine now!!
    xox ~chloe

    1. I have three clocks in my room including my phone, and I have no idea why! Oops..
      Now that my desk is clean I feel so much better! Once you do it, you feel like a weight has been lifted!
      xx, Julianna