The Beginning vs. The Middle

I definitely know I have a problem comparing my progress/work to other people's. Sometimes I will read my writing for Newspaper, and I'm like Sports Illustrated wouldn't publish this... Or I will look at my blog, and I think well, it's doesn't look like x,y,z... But here's the thing: I've only been writing for a year and a half, and I've only been blogging for around five months. Who expects that stuff to be fabulous?

I am really only in the beginning of anything I am doing considering I am only fifteen. (Sixteen in 104 days BUT WHO'S COUNTING?) Nothing I do right now has to be "perfect" by anyone's standards... even my own. I think as long as I am trying to improve everything I am working on, then I am alright. You can't compare your work to anyone else's and put yourself down because you're probably in TWO completely different places. (However, I think comparing things because you want to help yourself is different.)

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