16 Before 16

Carly's 25 Before 25 and Mackenzie's 101 in 1001 inspired me to create this list! 

T-minus 96 days till I turn 16... I don't know if this really great that I am going to be 16, or if I am totally freaked out about it. Cause 16 is like the birthday ya know until you turn 18. Schwell, that weird tidbit aside . . . I decided to create this list to kind of get me to jump start doing things that I've always to do. My list is really lame in my opinion because I am only turning 16, but here we go:

1. Learn how to drive. 
Yeah, I'm lame. I don't know how to drive yet...
2. Explore all the paths in my city. 
There are a ton of golfcart paths that I have NO idea where they lead to. I really want to spend a day just exploring. 
3. Look through the lens a little more.
I have a pretty snappy camera, and I really want to start taking more pictures. 
4. Post an OOTD on here! 
Wanted to do this forever, but I am so nervous about it. Any tips?? Here
5. Run 7 miles in a week.
I've been running a lot more, but I never keep up with it enough. 
6. Deep clean my room!
This just needs to happen. 
7. Spend a day crafting. 
Something I just don't do enough of.  Here & Here
8. Organize all my copies of Sports Illustrated.
Good Lord, I own so many. 
9. Spend a day away from everything. 
10. Watch all six Star Wars in one day. 
I've done this once before, and it was so fun. 
11. Spend a day with my sisters!
My real sister and one of my seniors from last year go to the same school, and I haven't visited them yet!  For Sarah's birthday, I spent the day shopping with her and Em. 
12. Finish Pride and Prejudice.
Let's be real...I've been reading it for over two years.
13. Plan my trip to Boston! 
Yes, I am going back! 
14. Redo my bulletin board. 
It's in some need of TLC.
15. I really want to cook for my family's Thanksgiving dinner. Made caramel pie! 
16. Give my friends great holiday gifts! 

What do y'all think??

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