Resort Collection '13

"Thoughts on new resort collection: I want all of it... if I was a socialite wife vacationing in Palm beach." This was a the text I sent my best friend right when the new Lilly collection came out. I still feel this way. Like there's stuff I would totally wear, but I feel like I have no occasion to wear them. 

Margurite Caftan | This is probably my favorite piece of the collection so far! I adore this color combination. 

Beach Pant | I love this print, but I am not sure how I feel about the pants. Comes in a super cute scarf though!

Lindamaire Caftan | Lilly is bringing back the caftan! 

Personally, I feel like the collection is very old school Lilly, and they are going back to their roots, but it still has that modern touch. I definitely feel like Miss Lilly Pulitzer would wear this if she was vacationing today.

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