Turkey Day Traditions

Thanksgiving in my house is a huge deal. The day goes the same pretty much every year, and it is one of my mom's favorite holidays. 

Wake up and watch the parade | This is accompanied by breakfast (hopefully French toast) made by my dad. At this point, most of us are still asleep (my brother and sister). 

Football | Then it is football for the rest of the day. I think this is my mom's least favorite part of the day, but personally, it's my favorite. My dad and sister are usually making dinner by now. My momma makes the green bean casserole with Emma. 

Dinner | Thanksgiving isn't complete without a huge southern dinner. This meal includes real stuffing (not that Yankee stuff), a honey baked ham, green bean casserole, and mashed potatoes. My mom insists on us saying what we are thankful for . . . and my sister is always thankful for green bean casserole, and I never know what to say. 

Post Dinner Nap | Then we sleep for three hours, and when we wake up, we watch Stalag 17.

What do y'all do for Thanksgiving?

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