What to Wear: Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving in less than a week (hallelujah!), it's time to start thinking about your outfit for your family dinner. At my house, Thanksgiving dinner is super casual. I mean, we wear pajamas sometimes, but I do love dressing up for dinner. 

Thanksgiving 2012: We are like a Norman Rockwell painting. (Also Em's fur??)
Here are two outfits I styled for Thanksgiving dinner:


On the left | This is definitely a more casual dinner outfit. It's a total step up from my family's normal PJs, but it's still comfortable because you're only wearing a sweater and jeans.
I've been loving green jeans for the past two years, and I think the color helps transitions you into that Christmas spirit.

On the right | And this outfit it more of a "classier" dinner outfit. Again, it's nothing too fancy, but I feel the cranberry and black, a color combo I adore, make you seem fancy.
It's no secret that I adore my cranberry lipstick, so why not try it in a dress form? This also another color that helps with the Christmas spirit.

Tell me your Turkey Day plans!

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