2013 Recap

2013 as I said before was a crazy year. It definitely had its downs, but the ups were pretty amazing.

Hobbit twins graduated | My brother and sister graduated last May on the same weekend. Let's just say it was a long weekend going from Georgia to Philadelphia in one day .

Sophomore Season | In 2013, I started my sophomore year of high school. Needless to say, it was rough. Personally, it was a lot harder than freshman year, but nothing I couldn't figure out how to do. (Hopefully this next semester is smooth sailing.)

#ChiefNation | An 8-3 season which is the best record in school history, a playoff bid, beating a county rival, and having one of the highest scoring games in high school football... these are only a few of the things that describe this football season. 

Learning the art of the study session | My best friends and I definitely learned the value of a good study session. Something most of us haven't had to do until this year.

I also created this blog! I'm so happy with what I am doing right now, and I am excited to see what the future holds.Here's to 2014!


Hey y'all, I am currently scheduling blog posts for next year, (EEP!) and I was wondering if there was anything specific that y'all wanted to see! Comment below, tweet me, or email me if you have any suggestions. Thank you! 


December Favorites

Y'all December is over! It's time for the new year! December was a crazy awesome month. So much happened, and it was probably one of my favorite months this year. Let's jump into my favorites for this month:

Make up

Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm | I didn't wear a TON of makeup this month because of finals and break, but when I did, the chances that I had this one were pretty high. This stuff is amazing. It's super moisturizing and pigmented. I really want to try out the matte kind.  


Diet Mountain Dew | Besides Christmas music, this song has been on repeat in my head ALL month. It's definitely a song that snunk up on me because I only listened to it on Pandora, but then I was singing it all the time.


Letter Jacket | This is something I treasure so much, and I am so happy to have gotten it this month. 


Study Dates with my best friends | With finals being this month, Tori, aBe, and I amped up the amount of study session we had, and they all ended up paying off in the end! 

I might turn these into videos at some point next year. What do y'all think?
And my yearly recap will be up tomorrow!


Unboxing: Birchbox

So one of my lovely gifts from my sister this Christmas was a subscription to Birchbox! Which in my opinion makes me like a real blogger. I'm so excited to be getting a box for the next year, so I thought I would turn into an unboxing haul. 

English Tea | I'm super pumped to try this tea. I never really drink except for sweet tea, so maybe I will get into "real" tea. 

Manna Kadar Shimmer Lotion | This is a sheer lotion with a tons of sparkles. I'm not really sure what I will use this for, but I'm sure I will find something because it's so pretty and sparkly. 

Beauty Protector Protect and Detangler | On the card that comes in the box telling you what stuff is, it says that the scent is addictive... and it is. Like I can't even describe to you how ah-mazing it smells. 

Club Color Nail polish | I think this is such an interesting color, and I don't own anything like it. It's shares the same name as a fabulous Lilly Pulitzer print - Dark N' Stormy. (also a cocktail but that's whatever.)

Harvey Prince Fragrance in Hello | Oh my gosh this stuff smells so good. It's citrus-y and warm and super strong but not in a bad way... more like it-last-awhile way. I love it already. 

Christmas Haul

Hope everyone had a fabulous holiday season, and that everyone who celebrates had an amazing Christmas! Christmas is one of my favorite holidays because I've always loved getting dressed up for church, waking up before everyone else, and getting to spend the entire day with my family. 

I've been so blessed with an amazing group of friends and family who gave me presents during this holiday season. (And this in no way bragging or anything. I am totally grateful for the people in my life and the fact that they thought of me.)

Friends | I absolutely adore what my best friends got me for Christmas! Tor got me a file folder, an EOS, a Revlon lipstick, and an eyeshadow brush. (I actually picked out all the stuff.) Naddles got me a UK ornament and a Kentucky print. aBe got me PBS documentary about the Kennedys, which I thought was the GREATEST thing ever, and a J.Crew notebook which will either help me with college decisions or my summer project. 

Parents | My parents definitely fueled my Kentucky pride this Christmas with a UK spirit jersey, Norts, and an acoUstiKat shirt. They also got me the Divergent box set, a elbow patch sweater (AHHHH), and my letter jacket which was my big present for this year.

Siblings | My sister kinda went all out this year and bought me a ton of stuff: a necklace and earrings which are both from Lizard Thicket, a pair of sunglasses, and a Birchbox subscription, say what??? I'll have an unboxing haul up tomorrow! Despite Wilbo Baggins being in Boston, he still got me exactly what I wanted aka a Patagonia. It was back ordered and will arrive hopefully just in time for my birthday.

Happy Holidays everyone! 


On My Radar

Here's what has been on my radar for the past week: 

No Secret | Eagles @ Cowboys... What's at stake? The playoffs. We are from Philadelphia. We fight. -Chip Kelly #BeatDallas 

Tea Time | I've finally gotten into drinking tea. This is English tea with sugar, honey, and milk. 

Petyon Manning Sportsman of the Year | This is another even if you don't like sports, you still need to read it thing. I adore Peyton Manning, but reading Sports Illustrated's feature on him made me fall in love with him more. It's an amazing article. 

Happy Friday!


5 Lessons

The minute Christmas is over it is all New Years. Personally, I love a new year because it's just so fresh, and you can kinda forget about the past year. (What a cliche...) 

Here are five things I learned this year:

Family | This year I've learned all the different ways you can have a family. I have my biological family then I have my football family, and my three best friends. I definitely would not be where I am today if I didn't have my families, and I don't think I've ever been this thankful for the people in my life. 

Decisions | Sometimes you just have to cut off all your hair or contact that person you haven't talked to in ages. You never know what will come out of it.

Comfort Zone | I love the quote, Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Doing the stuff that would scare you the most usually ends being the stuff you remember.

Ever changing | I hate when people tell something like you didn't like that a month ago. You are allowed to change your opinions on things because you are under no obligation to be the person you were five minutes ago. You are always evolving.

 Growth | This is probably the biggest lesson I've learned this year. In my opinion, I've grown a lot as a person, and I've definitely learned how to control my anxieties, but I didn't always see it. And I felt so down on myself, but once I saw that I've really have gotten better, my growth as a person has gotten so much better.

Happy Holidays! 

Merry Christmas

"For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord." Luke 2:11

Merry Christmas everyone!! I hope y'all are having a fantastic day and that Santa got you everything on your wishlist! Hopefully I will have a quick Christmas haul up this weekend because I know I still have one present coming up.

Have a great day everyone!


Mini Break

As Christmas is approaching, I will be taking a small break to enjoy my holiday! I haven't really been able to stop moving since school started, so I am taking this time to relax. I will be back as soon as Christmas is over. :) Love you all very much, and I hope you have a wonderful holiday. 

Wishing For a Winter Wonderland

As much as I despise being cold, I am so jealous of people who get to have a white Christmas. It snowed on Christmas in Georgia about three years ago, and that was a miracle. 

So jealous of people with winter wonderlands. 


Hobbit Family Traditions

Christmas isn't a huge deal in my family, but we do have our little dorky family traditions that I absolutely adore and couldn't imagine the season without them. 

Holiday Movies | As a family, we always watch Stalag 17 which is our choice of a Christmas movie. It's not the holiday season till we watch it. 

Emma's eyebrow game was on point. 
Christmas Eve | If my dad is off from work, my sister, him, and me go to the Christmas Eve church service which is basically my favorite thing. We go to a beautiful church in Atlanta, and the service always puts me in the Christmas spirit. 

On Christmas Eve, my dad and I make chocolate chip cookies for Santa while watching the Santa tracker which is something we've been doing since I was little.

Christmas | I am always the first one to wake up... and it's usually around 6, so I have to wait until at least 8 to wake anyone up. (But I also sneak into the living room to see all the presents before everyone. I swear, I'm not 5.) So once everyone wakes up, we go through our stockings. Youngest goes first which I think I made the rule because I wanted to open my presents first. (I was horrible.) Then we open presents in order of age again, so it's me, Will and Emma, Mom and then Dad. I, of course, pick out which presents they are going to open. My dad makes breakfast at some point. 

The rest of the day is spent sitting in the living with gifts all around us. 


Happy birthday to the hottest twins ever! Because I don't know about you, they are definitely feeling 22! 

Happy birthday, Wilbo Baggins and Emwise Gamgee! 

P.S. William is a loser who stayed in Boston for Christmas.



Quick little life update!

As of 1 yesterday, I finished all my exams.

I would like to take a minute to give myself a well deserved pat on the back! I am done with my first semester of sophomore year, and as one of my friends said, 3/8 of the way done with high school. (That terrifies me actually.) I've survived a semester of chemistry, completed a semester of APWH, and not failed math yet! I am completely content with my grades this semester, and I am excited to work harder for the next one. 

I hope all of y'all did well on your exams and are excited for your much deserved semester break because I know that today I will be sleeping all day. And if you still have stuff to do today, remember you are more than just a number. 

Happy holidays!


Exam Studying Playlist

As we prepare for exams, we study more and more and more. When I study, I have to music, but it has to be music that can't distract me. I compiled a group of songs that are easy to sing to but are relaxing enough to where I can still study. My Holiday Playlist can also replace this one. Happy studying!

My exams start tomorrow! *bites nails vigorously*


Monday Inspiration | Challenges

Happy finals week! (At least for me.) Today's inspiration comes from this adorable saying that I found on Pinterest. (Anyone know the source??) 

I think what is hard about challenging yourself is that it in itself is a challenge. And no one wants make life hard. It's already hard enough, but I think creating challenges and making yourself work for something is so much more rewarding than going through life without those challenges. Yeah, you will want to break down and cry, but your strongest moments don't happen without your weakest ones. 

For everyone taking finals this week, good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!