Christmas Haul

Hope everyone had a fabulous holiday season, and that everyone who celebrates had an amazing Christmas! Christmas is one of my favorite holidays because I've always loved getting dressed up for church, waking up before everyone else, and getting to spend the entire day with my family. 

I've been so blessed with an amazing group of friends and family who gave me presents during this holiday season. (And this in no way bragging or anything. I am totally grateful for the people in my life and the fact that they thought of me.)

Friends | I absolutely adore what my best friends got me for Christmas! Tor got me a file folder, an EOS, a Revlon lipstick, and an eyeshadow brush. (I actually picked out all the stuff.) Naddles got me a UK ornament and a Kentucky print. aBe got me PBS documentary about the Kennedys, which I thought was the GREATEST thing ever, and a J.Crew notebook which will either help me with college decisions or my summer project. 

Parents | My parents definitely fueled my Kentucky pride this Christmas with a UK spirit jersey, Norts, and an acoUstiKat shirt. They also got me the Divergent box set, a elbow patch sweater (AHHHH), and my letter jacket which was my big present for this year.

Siblings | My sister kinda went all out this year and bought me a ton of stuff: a necklace and earrings which are both from Lizard Thicket, a pair of sunglasses, and a Birchbox subscription, say what??? I'll have an unboxing haul up tomorrow! Despite Wilbo Baggins being in Boston, he still got me exactly what I wanted aka a Patagonia. It was back ordered and will arrive hopefully just in time for my birthday.

Happy Holidays everyone! 

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