December Favorites

Y'all December is over! It's time for the new year! December was a crazy awesome month. So much happened, and it was probably one of my favorite months this year. Let's jump into my favorites for this month:

Make up

Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm | I didn't wear a TON of makeup this month because of finals and break, but when I did, the chances that I had this one were pretty high. This stuff is amazing. It's super moisturizing and pigmented. I really want to try out the matte kind.  


Diet Mountain Dew | Besides Christmas music, this song has been on repeat in my head ALL month. It's definitely a song that snunk up on me because I only listened to it on Pandora, but then I was singing it all the time.


Letter Jacket | This is something I treasure so much, and I am so happy to have gotten it this month. 


Study Dates with my best friends | With finals being this month, Tori, aBe, and I amped up the amount of study session we had, and they all ended up paying off in the end! 

I might turn these into videos at some point next year. What do y'all think?
And my yearly recap will be up tomorrow!

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