DIY :: Chevron State Canvas

One of my best friends recently got into the University of Georgia, so as a present, I "crafted" her something for her dorm, and I thought I would show y'all how to make something similar. (It's based off of this pin.)

-Pencil with a good eraser 
-State Outline

One: Print out a picture of a state outline. Cut it out (don't worry about every single nook and cranny) and trace it onto the canvas. 
I made a Kentucky one for myself

Two: To make a chevron print, create a grid across the state. Then draw diagonals making the print. Erase extra lines. 

Three: Start painting the background. For the UGA one, I made it black. 

 Four: Just keep on painting. I painted the white part first, but I would suggest painting the red/main color because it is messier. 

Five: Paint a couple for more coats on so everything looks even. 

 Six: Add a cute little mark for the city you want! I put an arch over Athens. 

 And you're done! 

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