How to...Survive Exams

Oh gosh. it's the words no one wants to hear... Exam Season. While I am not a fan of stress and pressure to do well, I am a fan of the fact that exams mean I am almost done with my first semester of sophomore year. I also LOVE exam days. I mean getting to leave at 12:30? Perfect!
(I can't tell you how fast the year has gone by. Also how slow it has seemed...)

This semester I am only taking four of my six exams because I am allowed to exempt two on academics. (Meaning I have 95 or higher in the class.) I am taking Journalism, AP World History (have to because it is an AP class), Spanish III, and Chemistry (Kill me). 

Here are my Holy Grails for studying for my exams: 

File Folder | How cute is this folder? My best friend got it for me for Christmas from Target! I keep all my work in here. Study guides, important notes, review guides. It's such a great help with keeping up with everything. 

Agenda (of course) | We all know I am obsessed with  my Lilly Pulitzer agenda. I don't think I have to go too much into it. (I talk more about it here.)

To-do list | How sweet are the football moms?!? They gave this to me at the football banquet. My to-do list goes here, and it's mostly a reiteration of my agenda, but I put everything else I have to do in there too.

Crash Course | Hello finals meet the Green brothers! Most of us know John Green and his books, but he and his brother make FANTASTIC videos on History, Literature, Bio, and Chem! (I swear, the World History and Chem videos have saved my life.) They are seriously the best review.

(Check out my study tips here.)

Happy exam season!

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