November Favorites

Happy happy December! I can't tell how excited I am that November is over. It was extremely rough month for me academically, so I am ready for the fresh start a new month provides. Despite it being a hard month, I had a ton of things I enjoyed. (Also, IT'S DECEMBER? WHAT?)

Half my closest is sweaters...
All the sweaters | I don't think I've worn anything else besides sweaters for the past two weeks. Maybe the occasional dress or tshirt, but sweaters have seriously become a HUGE part of my wardrobe. Thankfully I own a ton.

New shoes | I love DSW because you can find basically any kind of shoe you need. A week or two ago I picked up a simple pair of heels and black flats which I desperately needed. The flats look similar to Tory Burchs, but they are Audrey Brooke flats. They are super comfortable. 


Stila Perfecting Concealer & Maybelline's Line Stiletto liquid eyeliner | This month I got the concealer at Sephora, and I love it because it blends really well into your skin. I, however, am having trouble with it staying on, but I think that's a personal problem. 
I've had the eyeliner for a while now, but I only really started wearing it this month. It's perfect, in my opinion, because it is super easy to apply which is my problem with eyeliner. 

Birthday - Selena Gomez (Judge me.)

Can it be February, so I can sing this all time?


The Blind Side | Shout out to me to finally watching this movie after it came out two years ago... You should definitely watch this movie though even if you don't like football. It's an amazing story, and I watched it twice in two days. (The amount of time we rented it.)

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