January Favorites

January was weird... A lot of good with some bad mixed in. I can't say it went by quickly either, but it also did go by quickly. Like January felt super long, but I can't believe that it is over. Yeah, weird month. BUT I had a ton of favorites this month, and I can't wait to share them with you!

Hair Products
Beauty Protector and Fekkai Advanced Brilliant Glossing Cream | Both of these are Birchbox gifts, and I would honestly pay the money for them. I adore both of them so much. I use the Protect & Detangler for when I am going to blow dry my hair, and I use the Cream for when I am letting my hair dry overnight. I recommend both!   


Did I tell y'all I bought a Lilly dress from the New Year's Sale? Because I did. This was a complete impulse buy. I never tried the dress on. I don't think I ever even saw it and was like I like this. Thankfully, it fits pretty well, and I really like. I haven't worn it yet because it's been too cold, and I don't have navy flats.

My Patagonia has been there through thick and cold this month. I'm so happy my brother bought it for me.


The two movies I saw this month were The Book Thief and Frozen! I really enjoyed both. The Book Thief is one of my favorite books, and the movie held up really well. Frozen was super cute, and even though I am the last person on the planet to see, everyone should go see it.

Music! I've become even more obsessed with Lorde this month, but my favorite songs have been Big Jet Plane by Angus and Julia Stone and Say Something by Great Big World.

Here's a random favorite...

The American Patriot's Handbook // I bought this while I was in Disney, and I love it. I will just pull it out and read some great documents. Weird? Nah....

Here's to February! May you be less cold than January was.


Let's Have an Adventure

The entire state of Georgia is in a state of emergency. Meaning, I don't have school again. So what better to do than have a fun snow day outside? I've learned that I really don't mind being cold or the snow. (Maybe thicker socks would be nice though...)


Building a Snowman

Do you wanna build a snowman? 

I've never seen this much snow... I've seen a lot of ice, but I've never seen this much snow consistently falling down. (Well, maybe I have, but I never remember it.) So school of course is out today, and in all honestly we should have been out yesterday. (It started getting bad at 1, and we ended up getting realized early. Mass chaos.) Southerns get crazy when we snow because we never see it, so please don't laugh at us. We are not prepared for this, and we will never spend the money to get prepared. 

So today is going to be filled with movies, hot chocolate, and making up work! Between my English project and history, school doesn't stop for some snowone. (Punny right?) If it's snowing where you are, stay warm and be safe!!! 


Where Are You Springtime?

Get. Me. Out. Of. This. Polar. Vortex. I don't know how you Northerners do it. It's been 30 below regularly, so -20 degrees makes me cringe with fear. (I tell myself I will be prepared for when I move to Lexington.) I am craving my critter shorts and Norts and not pants. It's not helping that all the stores are releasing their spring collection. 

Oh Spring... I am in desperate need of you. 

Grammys 2014

(Oh my gosh... this didn't post this morning! I'm super sorry.)

Hey y'all! I hope you had a fabulous weekend. Mine was filled with avoiding my English project and watching the Grammys. The Grammys happen to be one of my favorite award shows because where else would Sir Paul, Ringo, and TaySwift be in the same room? I thought the fashion this year was pretty great. Here are my favorites from the red carpet! 

Taylor Swift // Homegirl is slaying it. She literally looks like a princess as she always does on the red carpet. But it's also something really different than her normal princess-eque outfit. Haters to the left. 

Anna Kendrick // Not a huge fan of her shoes, but I love love love her dress and hair. 

(Photos via Huffington Post)

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis // Can we talk about how much I love these unconventional suits? Perf.

Ed Sheeran // What a cutie. Don't know if his jacket fits the best but his face/tie makes up for it.

(Photos via Yahoo!Music)

I also loved Beyonce and Jay-Z's performance. Plus Lorde and Taylor Swift's! Also celebrating the Beatles? How much better do you get? I didn't really agree with the winners this year though. I mean Macklemore and Ryan Lewis over Kanye or Jay-Z? What. 


Age of Aquarius

I adore Lilly's horoscope scarves, and I've been patiently waiting for the Aquarius print. AND IT'S HERE! 

Here's the little tidbit on Aquariuses from the Lilly blog: 
Element: AirSymbol: Water-CarrierPlanetary Ruler: UranusPersonality: Clever, Inventive, OriginalLucky Day: Sunday & SaturdayLucky Numbers: 4, 8, 13, 17, 22 Famous Aquarius: Jennifer Aniston, Oprah Winfrey, & Harry Styles
Umm... heck yeah! 8 is totally my lucky number, and Jennifer Aniston and I share the same birthday! 
I seriously love it so much. Birthday present for myself?? Maybe... 

P.S. Who else is an Aquarius? When your birthday? Mine's February 11! 

Baby Steps

Here's a reminder for the rest of your week: 


Life Update

A quick update: 

School | Second semester has been a little hectic to say the least. I mean, who thought choosing classes would be so difficult? I, however, have new found inspiration. (Mainly college.) And I am kicking second semester in the butt. Or at least the past two weeks...  I got a super exciting newspaper assignment that I absolutely love. It's about a football player... go figure. We are finally to the part of history I like. English and chem aren't too bad so far. Then math and Spanish are breeze as normal. Hopefully this motivation lasts.

Blogging | I've come to the decision that I will only be posting Mondays-Fridays which you might have noticed this past weekend. Blogging seven days a week is definitely a full time job, and serious props go out to anyone who does it and still balances school. So there's my new schedule! 

Social | My birthday is next month. What more can I say? :)


Let's Talk About Change

A quick thought to get you through today. (Anyone else seem like this week has lasted forever?)

Have a good Friday!

Organization :: Files

Today's post is all about organizing school files! I have a super file-intensive way of organizing things because I like putting folders in folders. (When I fold out you could do this on GoogleDocs, my life was changed.) 

Since I don't have my own computer, I have my own folder to help separate my stuff from my dad's. Mostly I save school stuff, so I've separated everything into each of my classes that require me to do stuff on the computer plus a file for college and my summer project/business. 

This is what my APWH folder looks like. I use it the most because it's the class with the most stuff. I have a folder for each semester, my teacher's lesson plans, and then my three writing guides.

I then break down a semester folder into the units we are doing then I have the second semester only lesson plans. 

Each unit folder has a sections for readings and study guides. 

I already have all my readings at the beginning of a unit, so I save them all right when we start. My study guide folder is very similar to my readings one. 


January Birchbox!

I got my January Birchbox the other day, and I am super excited to show y'all what I got! (Click here if you want a invite!)

Coastal Scents Revealed Palette | I own a ton of bright/shimmery eye shadows, but I don't have anything that's basic which is why I am excited to try out this palette!  

Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Creme | This is part of the Fekkai Brilliant Glossing series, and I adore getting hair products from Birchbox because I never really venture out in them. I didn't think this would smell that great just because of the olive oil, but it has a very distinct smell that isn't over powering. 

Viva La Juicy | This, however, has an incredible potent smell. I sprayed it once not anywhere near me, and I could still smell it on me after about an hour. Again, I think it's more of a spring/summer scent. (Do fall/winter scent exist or am I crazy?)

Nail Rock | Hello glitter nails! Apparently this is the easiest glitter nail polish to remove. We will see about that....

Burt's Bees Day Lotion | I've said this before, but my skin gets super dry in the winter, so this is a God send. The smell is unique, and I am still not 100% sure how I feel about it. 


Happiest Place on Earth

Going on vacation for a hot minute is probably one of my favorite things. I feel like my family and I always go on weekend road trips. So as y'all all know, my dad, sister, and I went to Disney this past weekend! My dad signed up for the Disney marathon, so the trip turned into a family event! 

We left after I got home from school on Friday and drove through the night and arrived at Disney around 1 in the morning. Then on Saturday we spent most of the day at the Magic Kingdom. We did fun things like Space Mountain, the Laugh Floor, and the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and we met Merida and ate at Gaston's Tavern. On Sunday, my dad champed and ran the marathon while my sister and I were sleeping/eating left over pizza. Then we checked out and drove back to Georgia! 

We are shooting for our own hands.