Life Update

A quick update: 

School | Second semester has been a little hectic to say the least. I mean, who thought choosing classes would be so difficult? I, however, have new found inspiration. (Mainly college.) And I am kicking second semester in the butt. Or at least the past two weeks...  I got a super exciting newspaper assignment that I absolutely love. It's about a football player... go figure. We are finally to the part of history I like. English and chem aren't too bad so far. Then math and Spanish are breeze as normal. Hopefully this motivation lasts.

Blogging | I've come to the decision that I will only be posting Mondays-Fridays which you might have noticed this past weekend. Blogging seven days a week is definitely a full time job, and serious props go out to anyone who does it and still balances school. So there's my new schedule! 

Social | My birthday is next month. What more can I say? :)

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