February Favorites

February is a weird month, and it always has been for me. Once my birthday is over, I honestly couldn't care less about the month. It is cold and deary, and we always get ice in February, so I am glad this month is over. I am excited for it to be March, and for spring to hopefully be in full swing! 

Here are my favorites for the month of February! 
The Olympics! | I love the Olympics so much, and I had such a great time watching them this year. I am pretty sure Johnny and Tara were my favorite parts though. (Also, I am counting down the days till Rio.)

Parks and Rec | I will admit that I've marathoned three seasons within maybe two and a half days... Y'all really need to hop on the bandwagon if you haven't already and watch it on Netflix! 

Flapper Girl | Seriously this has been my go-to song for the past month, and I am not sure why but it reminds me of spring. I've also been really obsessed with Flowers in Your Hair.

VSCOCam and RunKeeper | These are my two favorite apps of the month. I found out about VSCOCam 
from Gracey, and I've had it for a while, but I really just started playing around with it this month. Now I don't edit my photos with anything else. Then RunKeeper is just great because it helps me keep track of how much I've been walking which I have been doing a lot more. (Which reminds me that I should do that soon.)

My purse | I got this from Target a couple of weeks ago, and I love it which is kinda surprising because I used to be so anti-big purse. This is really nice because I can fit all my stuff in there including my jumbo Lilly agenda. (A large would definitely fit better though.) 

There are my random favorites of February! 


On My Radar

(Currently trying to come up with a better name for these...) 

BUT I am doing my what I've been noticing stuff post today because tomorrow is my monthly favorites! Woo. :) 

How perf is this iPhone background? Seriously considering changing mine. 

-Does this not just remind you of your life? Because I swear, this is me going through my Instagram everyday. (Thanks, Caroline, for sharing this on twitter!)

-Question: Should I get new Jack Rogers? (These in Navy or these in gold?) Or should I get new Sperrys? Mine don't fit anymore.

-If I didn't want those shoes, I'd be buying some cowboy boots. These are perfect except for the price. 
Where do y'all get good cowboy boots? I can't find them. 

-Can I just have this whole outfit from Vineyard Vines? Please?

Dear 'Future Me'

Yesterday's #BlogEverydayInFEB post was a letter your sixteen year old self... Well, I turned sixteen two weeks and a day ago, so I decided to write a letter to my future self. Something I can read in a couple years and look back on how much I've grown. 

One day I might find this embarrassing, but as of now, New Year's with Naddles is one of my favorite memories.

Dear Julianna at whatever age you currently are, 

If this is "still in high school Julianna," I hope you aren't having a emotional break down and reading your blog instead of doing your APUSH or Pre Calc homework. (If you are, go do it.) If this is "I'm finally in college Julianna," I hope you got exactly what you wanted in a college, and you're finally home. Also, I hope you can drive by this point... And if this is a Julianna past that, I don't even wanna think about that yet. As sixteen year old Julianna, I'll tell you what has been happening in the past couple weeks. 

I finally had two good days in a row without a pinch of anxiety or worrying... except maybe about driving, but that's whatever. I got my third A this year in APWH, and I finally fixed my math grade after a bad start. I went to see Tori and Natalie yesterday, and I hope you're still friends with them, and they are just as loud as they always have been. Today was long day but good, and I am currently avoiding the pile of homework that is metaphorically starting at me. 

I also received great news two days in a row. 1. No seven period day for junior year. (Be thankful. You could be taking seven classes right now, high school me.) 2. Spring break isn't cancelled which means I get to go to Kentucky. (Did you beg mom to take you to Keeneland?)

I recently made the decision of what classes to take next year, and I hope junior-year-me isn't too mad at me. Currently, I am excited for next year despite all my fears about junior year, and hopefully that excitement is still here this time next year. (Remember: you are NOT lazy for taking conceptual physics.) 

Here are my current favorites as of age 16: 

Favorite book? To Kill a Mockingbird
Favorite song? Hannah Hunt but country music is making me long for summer right now
Favorite movie? You cry every time you watch Miracle (Note: did you finally stop saying homegirl?)
Favorite athlete? Nick Goepper is my #mcm every week.
Favorite tv show? Currently marathoning Parks and Rec every weekend

Future me, I really hope you're happy because current me is pretty happy. I also hope you are in an even better place than I am in now. 

Have a great night! 

So this post is late because long story short, I thought yesterday was Wednesday when I was scheduling stuff. Whoops! At least the post tomorrow will be on time. :) 


In L O V E

Source? I am bad at this.

Here's the new motto. Here's the challenge. (More of this when I have time to write!)

Have a good Tuesday! 


February Birchbox

Look who finally did this... :) Sorry, I've been putting this off for so long! 

This month's Birthbox! 

Bain de Terre Color Preserving Shampoo and Conditioner | This stuff has argan and monoi oil and smells pretty decent. I probably wont't use this stuff until I dye my hair again (which hopefully will be soon.) 

Ruby Wing nail polish | This stuff change colors. It goes from gold to a berry color in the sunlight. I put some of the stuff on my thumb, and the glitter isn't very dense, so you have to pack it on your nail.s

Previse HydroMilk | Face moisturizer in an odd package... okay, I'll take it. It is suppose to work on all skin types which is good because my skin is weird.

Joan Vass L'eau de Amethyste | Haven't decided if I like this smell or not yet. It is not my favorite I've gotten. 


Twenty-Two // Anxiety, Fear, and Stress

 Blog Everyday in February

How do you deal with...?

Anxiety | Schwell, I have major problems with anxiety, but I am learning how to deal with it. The first step to dealing with it is to remove yourself from the situation. I know this can be extremely difficult, but honestly, it is the thing that helps the most, at least for me, because you are not around what caused you anxiety. But sometimes the anxiety is your head, so when that happens, I just watch Breakfast at Tiffany's

Fear | I am going to admit I don't deal with fear well. Normally, when I am afraid, I just start getting anxious then I cry or watch a movie. 

Stress | I thrive off of being under pressure that I put on myself, but when I am super stressed, I normally take a nap or eat a bagel. 

So clearly, I am not the best at dealing with these things. Oops... 


Twenty-One // Home

 Blog Everyday in February

Schwell, I live by the phrase Home is where the heart is. Cheesy, I know, but the saying makes me feel a little bit better when I don't feel at home where I live. 

Don't get me wrong, I love Georgia, but I never really felt at home in my town. Something for my entire life felt off. It's like I could never really picture myself living here if I hadn't been born here. I am glad had been though because it's such an amazing community to grow up because it's so safe, and I am so blessed to live here. But it's not a great to live when your in that awkward teenage/early adult phase. I don't know if it is like this everywhere else, but in high school especially, everyone knows everyone else's business even if you don't want to. Everyone jokingly calls in the Bubble, but it truly is a bubble, and I am not a huge fan of that feeling. 

University of Kentucky's campus! 
There has been one place I have felt at home though... and I am sure you all saw this coming. I definitely feel most at home while in Lexington. I seriously beg my mom to let me go there every spring break. While all my friends are at the beach, I am in Kentucky. #NotEvenSorry 

I first went to Lexington (a time that I can remember) when I was in eighth grade, and it was after they won the NCAA tournament for basketball. The minute we got there I fell in love and felt at home for the first time in a while. I went back last year, and I still pretty much in love. Hopefully, I am going again this year, and I will be heading over to Keeneland! (As long as my Spring Break doesn't get messed up due to snow days!)


Spring Bow Ties | High Cotton

Whenever I've talked about bow ties on here, I usually mention High Cotton which is a brand that I absolutely adore, and if I ever need to order a bow tie, I will. Also spring time is coming. It was 70 degrees yesterday, so what better way to celebrate than with some bow ties? 

Their spring collection came out recently, and I am obsessed. Personally I think all the ties are amazing, but here are my six favorites. 



Nineteen // Little Known Facts

 Blog Everyday in February

Here have a selfie. (I want my hair to look like this again.)

1. I've a total of nine scars on my body from surgeries. (7 are from my knee surgery.)

2. I hate driving. A lot. (I avoid driving my golf cart at all costs.)

3. Since I hate driving, I haven't learned how to drive the car yet. 

4. I used to have a pink streak in my hair. (I can't remember if I told y'all that!)

5. The Netherlands is my second favorite country. (Behind America of course.)

Eighteen // Style Secrets

 Blog Everyday in February

I've shared with y'all my Autumn Uniform and my Spring/Summer uniform, but I am not gonna lie . . . I wear athletic shorts and an oversize t-shirt more often than not. (So see my second autumn uniform.) I also don't really consider myself a stylish person. I mean, sometimes I look cute, but trust me, norts and a tee and Jacks? My perfect outfit, but I will share with you my secrets for those days when I do dress up! (Which is basically at school because my shorts aren't dress code.)

1. A button down looks like you put effort into your outfit. I live in button downs during the spring, and when you pair them with some cute critter shorts and a bow, you look like your put effort into your outfit. When in reality, you woke up ten minutes before you had to leave.

2. Dresses look like you put effort into your outfit too. ^^^ People are so against dresses, but honestly, you throw one on, and people instantly ask you why are you dressed up. Again, it takes like a minute to put one on. Pro tip: Add tights in the fall/winter for a pop of color and to keep your leg warm!

3. If your hair looks good, you can look like a bum. Even if I am wearing a sweatshirt and jeans with no makeup, I make sure my hair is done. People then tell me my hair looks good and ignore the fact that I am wearing my Patagonia for the third time this week. Pro tip: If you have time, add a touch of make up!

Okay, basically those are the rules I live by during my second semester slump! Have a great day. :)

I am going to try to get my Birchbox unboxing up/my birthday haul up soon! My computer has been weird with pictures lately so...


Eighteen // Five Favorites

 Blog Everyday in February

Here's my five favorite that are all over the place and don't really go together. (These are the first five things that popped into my head.)

Sports // It's no question that I love sports more than I love everything else. From baseball to football to slope style snowboarding, I've probably watched and loved it. (Except golf.) 

Peonies // Blair Waldorf loves peonies, so I love peonies. 

Sarah Tolzmann's Print Shop // Yeah, not gonna lie . . . Sarah Tolzmann is my ultimate career/life crush. And I am obsessed with all her prints. 

Running (Read: Walking) // FUN FACT: I've been walking more this past week, and I've fallen in love with exercising again. Maybe I need to come up with a workout plan to help me. 

This Dress // I was looking for a white dress, and I stumbled upon this dress. I am in love.


Sixteen // A Lesson Learned

 Blog Everyday in February

If I have learned anything in the past sixteen years, it's that it is okay when people leave. I used to have this constant need for the people around me to stay. But like everyone, friends did leave. At first, it was really hard for me. I tried so hard to keep those friendships alive when the other person did not really try, and that ended up taxing on me. 

Here's the deal: Friends who want to be your friend will try to stay in touch with you. I talk to my best friends almost every day even Jordan who is in college still, and yeah, there are going to be friends who you don't need to talk to every day, and y'all are still going to be friends. Then there are those other friends. You don't talk, and when you do, it's super awkward, and you're always the one starting the conversation. Are those friendships worth putting yourself out there all the time just so you can keep a friend? In my opinion, no. You just end up hurt more than likely.

Here's another thing: It's okay to leave people.
STORY TIME: I had this friend for five years, and I would have considered her one of my best friends during that time. I tried really hard to keep our friendship alive and all that jazz, but she talked bad about me behind my back to my other friends, and she had a tendency to put me down a lot. It took me a while to realize that the friendship we had wasn't worth, and I didn't have to keep being friends with her just because we had been friends for years. People change, and if they don't fit into your life anymore, that's okay. Especially if the way they change makes them a more negative person.
You don't need that negativity in your life. 

So there's my jumbled mess of a lesson learned! 


Fifteen // A Big Dream

 Blog Everyday in February

I think most of my dreams are big dreams. Ya know, if your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough. That whole spiel. I'm the kind of person who has to have the next ten years of their life planned. (And believe me, I do. Or at least until I graduate college, so next six years.) I mean, I've had a spread sheet of the classes I am going to take in high school since freshman year. But I guess my biggest dream is the career I want. 

The ultimate career goal is to work for the SEC Network, but the dream kind of ends there. I'm not entirely sure what I want to do at the SEC Network. I want to work in sports journalism more than anything, but I know that it is really hard just to get into the journalistic field. Even if I couldn't work the SEC Network, I would love to work for an SEC school and do something for their athletics program. BUT we never know! I'm only 16, so anything can happen in the next couple years.

Here are some of my other dreams:

-Graduate high school (half way there)
-Keep up this blog!!!
-Get into my dream school
-Complete a really cool internship
-Study abroad (Pyeongchang 2018??)


Fourteen // Happy Valentine's Day!

 Blog Everyday in February

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope y'all all had a fabulous day either spoiling someone special or yourself. I actually had a really good day despite not having anything planned. I third wheeled my best friend's date for a while. (Shout out to Naddles and Ethan for loving me enough to spend part of the day with me.) Then I got home and blogged bit. Plus I finally walked for a bit, so yay!

 Now I am closing out the day with some wedding shows. :) 


Nine Things That Make Me Happy

Happy Valentine's Day! Since today is all about love, I thought I'd share with you nine of my favorite things! Now these aren't "normal" things like my favorite clothes or makeup or stuff like that, but these are my favorite things are that are tiny but make my life worth it. :)

The moment before kick-off | There's nothing that compares to this moment during a football game. Here's when you can here all the chants of the student section, and all the guys are getting pumped for the game while the band is playing the fight song. This is the moment when I get chills. Every. Single. Time. 

Getting everything crossed off on your to-do list | My Type-A personality is coming out here. I swear, nothing makes me feel more productive than crossing off that last item. 

Coffee dates with my best friends | I love having coffee dates with my friends whether it be to relax or to study. Those hours at Starbucks are some of my favorite memories, and I will cherish them forever.

The sense of pride I get when I talk about the commonwealth of Kentucky | Lordy, Lord. Here I go again . . . I love Kentucky, and nothing makes me happier when I get to talk about Kentucky. So yeah, if you want me to talk to you for fifteen plus minutes, ask me about how much I love Kentucky.

Pinterest | I love spending my free time pinning. I love it because I adore having inspiration boards, but on Pinterest, it's so much easier to curate all the things you love.

Awkward half-face mostly shirt pictures | Woo! I take a lot of these. :) I don't know why, but I love these pictures, and they make me happy so...

My Exam Playlist | I made this specifically made this for when I was studying for exams, but it's probably my favorite playlist of all time. It's kinda Indie, kinda not, but it's basically all my favorite relaxing songs.

Team USA hockey chant | "Oh mama, don't you cry. USA hockey is do or die." I'm seriously obsessed with all things Team USA, so naturally this chants gives me chills. (Second video) Also this moment.

Getting meaningful gifts | This is especially appropriate since my birthday was this past week. (Haul will be up next week!) My friends and family did amazing jobs, and they put so much effort in to making my 16th birthday an amazing once. All their gifts were so thoughtful, and I think that's what makes them so special.

Thirteen // Favorite Quote

 Blog Everyday in February