Dear 'Future Me'

Yesterday's #BlogEverydayInFEB post was a letter your sixteen year old self... Well, I turned sixteen two weeks and a day ago, so I decided to write a letter to my future self. Something I can read in a couple years and look back on how much I've grown. 

One day I might find this embarrassing, but as of now, New Year's with Naddles is one of my favorite memories.

Dear Julianna at whatever age you currently are, 

If this is "still in high school Julianna," I hope you aren't having a emotional break down and reading your blog instead of doing your APUSH or Pre Calc homework. (If you are, go do it.) If this is "I'm finally in college Julianna," I hope you got exactly what you wanted in a college, and you're finally home. Also, I hope you can drive by this point... And if this is a Julianna past that, I don't even wanna think about that yet. As sixteen year old Julianna, I'll tell you what has been happening in the past couple weeks. 

I finally had two good days in a row without a pinch of anxiety or worrying... except maybe about driving, but that's whatever. I got my third A this year in APWH, and I finally fixed my math grade after a bad start. I went to see Tori and Natalie yesterday, and I hope you're still friends with them, and they are just as loud as they always have been. Today was long day but good, and I am currently avoiding the pile of homework that is metaphorically starting at me. 

I also received great news two days in a row. 1. No seven period day for junior year. (Be thankful. You could be taking seven classes right now, high school me.) 2. Spring break isn't cancelled which means I get to go to Kentucky. (Did you beg mom to take you to Keeneland?)

I recently made the decision of what classes to take next year, and I hope junior-year-me isn't too mad at me. Currently, I am excited for next year despite all my fears about junior year, and hopefully that excitement is still here this time next year. (Remember: you are NOT lazy for taking conceptual physics.) 

Here are my current favorites as of age 16: 

Favorite book? To Kill a Mockingbird
Favorite song? Hannah Hunt but country music is making me long for summer right now
Favorite movie? You cry every time you watch Miracle (Note: did you finally stop saying homegirl?)
Favorite athlete? Nick Goepper is my #mcm every week.
Favorite tv show? Currently marathoning Parks and Rec every weekend

Future me, I really hope you're happy because current me is pretty happy. I also hope you are in an even better place than I am in now. 

Have a great night! 

So this post is late because long story short, I thought yesterday was Wednesday when I was scheduling stuff. Whoops! At least the post tomorrow will be on time. :) 

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