Eighteen // Five Favorites

 Blog Everyday in February

Here's my five favorite that are all over the place and don't really go together. (These are the first five things that popped into my head.)

Sports // It's no question that I love sports more than I love everything else. From baseball to football to slope style snowboarding, I've probably watched and loved it. (Except golf.) 

Peonies // Blair Waldorf loves peonies, so I love peonies. 

Sarah Tolzmann's Print Shop // Yeah, not gonna lie . . . Sarah Tolzmann is my ultimate career/life crush. And I am obsessed with all her prints. 

Running (Read: Walking) // FUN FACT: I've been walking more this past week, and I've fallen in love with exercising again. Maybe I need to come up with a workout plan to help me. 

This Dress // I was looking for a white dress, and I stumbled upon this dress. I am in love.

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