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I've shared with y'all my Autumn Uniform and my Spring/Summer uniform, but I am not gonna lie . . . I wear athletic shorts and an oversize t-shirt more often than not. (So see my second autumn uniform.) I also don't really consider myself a stylish person. I mean, sometimes I look cute, but trust me, norts and a tee and Jacks? My perfect outfit, but I will share with you my secrets for those days when I do dress up! (Which is basically at school because my shorts aren't dress code.)

1. A button down looks like you put effort into your outfit. I live in button downs during the spring, and when you pair them with some cute critter shorts and a bow, you look like your put effort into your outfit. When in reality, you woke up ten minutes before you had to leave.

2. Dresses look like you put effort into your outfit too. ^^^ People are so against dresses, but honestly, you throw one on, and people instantly ask you why are you dressed up. Again, it takes like a minute to put one on. Pro tip: Add tights in the fall/winter for a pop of color and to keep your leg warm!

3. If your hair looks good, you can look like a bum. Even if I am wearing a sweatshirt and jeans with no makeup, I make sure my hair is done. People then tell me my hair looks good and ignore the fact that I am wearing my Patagonia for the third time this week. Pro tip: If you have time, add a touch of make up!

Okay, basically those are the rules I live by during my second semester slump! Have a great day. :)

I am going to try to get my Birchbox unboxing up/my birthday haul up soon! My computer has been weird with pictures lately so...

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