Sixteen // A Lesson Learned

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If I have learned anything in the past sixteen years, it's that it is okay when people leave. I used to have this constant need for the people around me to stay. But like everyone, friends did leave. At first, it was really hard for me. I tried so hard to keep those friendships alive when the other person did not really try, and that ended up taxing on me. 

Here's the deal: Friends who want to be your friend will try to stay in touch with you. I talk to my best friends almost every day even Jordan who is in college still, and yeah, there are going to be friends who you don't need to talk to every day, and y'all are still going to be friends. Then there are those other friends. You don't talk, and when you do, it's super awkward, and you're always the one starting the conversation. Are those friendships worth putting yourself out there all the time just so you can keep a friend? In my opinion, no. You just end up hurt more than likely.

Here's another thing: It's okay to leave people.
STORY TIME: I had this friend for five years, and I would have considered her one of my best friends during that time. I tried really hard to keep our friendship alive and all that jazz, but she talked bad about me behind my back to my other friends, and she had a tendency to put me down a lot. It took me a while to realize that the friendship we had wasn't worth, and I didn't have to keep being friends with her just because we had been friends for years. People change, and if they don't fit into your life anymore, that's okay. Especially if the way they change makes them a more negative person.
You don't need that negativity in your life. 

So there's my jumbled mess of a lesson learned! 

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