"Get Sprung" | Southern Proper

I'm obsessed with Southern Proper. Personally, I think the brand perfect captures the land below the Mason Dixon with their super witty/sassy sayings for t-shirts and the bright colors they use. It helps that the company started in Atlanta too. 

While I was stuck inside during Icepopcalypse, I thought what better way to ignore the cold than do some spring window shopping! I went to Country Club Prep to check out their new arrivals, and man, did I fall in love with Southern Proper's new stuff. I had seen the hats on Pinterest, but I hadn't checked anything else out yet. Naturally, I went to their website to see the rest of the stuff, and I fell in love again all over again. Between the Beaus, the Gents, and the shirts, Southern Proper nailed it this season. 

Here are my favorites! 

Gingham Frat Hat | I'm obsessed with SP's hats, and so when I saw this gingham blue one, I knew it had to go on my Spring wishlist. You can't go wrong with the navy, red, or pink one either. 

Mark of A Gentleman Tee | This crest marks of the making of a Southern Gent: cotton, boat shoes, duck boots, and a magnolia flower. How perfect?

Mellow Yellow Stripe Gent | I am now accepting applicants for a boy to wear this for me. It's all of my favorite colors, and it comes in bowtie form too

Fraternity Dress Code Tee | While I am not in college/Greek life, this tee, in my opinion, is perfect your frat boyfriend. (Then you can steal it because let's be real, I would wear this.)

What are your picks from Southern Proper this season? 

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