101 in 1001

I had kind of a weird day, so I thought why not create my 101 in 1001. As y'all know, these are inspired by the lovely Mackenzie. I figured out when 1001 days would be up, and it scared the living daylights out of me. December 30, 2016. Y'all, I will be done with my first semester of college by then!!! Crazy. So a lot of these are related to me finishing high school and starting college.

  1. Learn how to drive and...
  2. Get my license (April 2015)
  3. Make my tshirt quilt
  4. GRADUATE from high school (May 2016)
  5. Stop drinking so much ginger ale
  6. Walk on the field during Senior Night (October 2015)
  7. Hold a well planned brunch for no particular reason (September 2016)
  8. VOTE!!! (May 2015 - GA Primary)
  9. Drink more tea
  10. Spend a weekend unplugged
  11. Learn how to make homemade brownies
  12. Being pinspired and make five things from Pinterest whether it be food or crafts
  13. Buy a monogrammed Derby hat
  14. Take control of my anxiety (2016)
  15. Send care packages to my brother while he is in grad school
  16. Go on a golfcart adventure
  17. Start waking up consistently
  18. And start falling asleep consistently
  19. Find a smoothie that I love, love, love
  20. Reach gold level for Starbucks (May 2014)
  21. Go on a hike (July 2015)
  22. Learn how to make fried rice like William
  23. Become editor-in-chief of my high school newspaper (May 2015)
  24. Take the SAT/ACT (December 2014)
  25. Publish my first paper as Editor-in-Chief (September 2015)
  26. Attend a journalism camp (June 2015)
  27. Try to start running more
  28. Get gold lunch for the rest of high school. (February 2016)
  29. Become more aware of the world around me
  30. Go to SixFlags with my friends (August 2014)
  31. Then ride every single ride that they want to 
  1. Visit William in Boston (April 2015)
  2. Travel to a place I've never been to (April 2015)
  3. Go to Keeneland (April 2014)
  4. Visit Emma in Lexington (October 2014)
  5. Go to the JFK Library
  6. See a new exhibit at the High
  7. Go to New York (April 2015)
  8. Have a total Audrey moment at Tiffany’s
  9. Visit the Baseball Hall of Fame with my dad
  10. Go to the ATL Zoo or Aquarium with Tori (May 2016)
  11. See a play/ballet at the Fox
  12. Go on trips without my parents (April 2015)
  13. Visit some of my friends at their respective colleges
  14. Go on a weekend trip to Charleston
  15. Go back to Savannah, Georgia just because I think it's gorgeous. (July 2015)
  16. Do all the touristy things in Atlanta...
  17. Then do a feature all about Atlanta (May 2016)
  1. See a Kentucky football game in Commonwealth Stadium (April 2014)
  2. See a Kentucky basketball game (March 2015)
  3. Go to a UGA football game with Jordan (September 2015)
  4. Attend the Game (and root for Yale.)
  5. See a Boston Red Sox game
  6. Visit at least one new MLB stadium
  7. Go to a Kentucky sporting event with my sister  (March 2015)
  8. Go to an Angels or Mariners game to see my favorite baseball players (June 2014)
  9. Get a Phillies, Flyers, or Eagles jersey
  10. Visit the College Football Hall of Fame (February 2016)
  11. See the Gwinnett Gladiators
  12. Go to at least one game of each sport my first semester of college
    1. Soccer (August 2016)
    2. Football (September 2016)
  13. Go to all the rivalry games my senior year 
    1. Football (October 2015)
    2. Basketball (Away) (December 2015)
  1. Build a wardrobe that can last me a while
  2. Get a pair of glasses I truly like (July 2015)
  3. Buy a monogram necklace (September 2014)
  4. Expand my jewelry collection
  5. Figure out how to curl my hair and have it stay that way (April 2014)
  6. Establish the perfect makeup routine for school (August 2015)
  7. Build up my Game Day wardrobe for college (Summer 2016)
  8. Buy an "adult" clothing item such as a Kate Spade purse (May 2016)
  9. Invest in a pair of heels that don't hurt my knees (June 2016)
  1. Do more outfit posts (Summer 2016)
  2. Download photoshop… (December 2014)
  3. And learn how to use it (December 2015)
  4. Get my own DSLR camera (August 2016)
  5. Buy a pretty camera strap for it
  6. Do a collaboration with another blogger
  7. Meet one of my favorite bloggers
  8. Redesign the blog (October 2016)
  9. Interview someone super cool and feature them on here
  10. Keep this blog up!

Music, Movies, and Books: 
  1. Finish Pride and Prejudice
  2. Go to a concert that isn't Taylor Swift (August 2015 - Kacey Musgraves)
  3. Read Mindy Kailing's book (September 2014)
  4. Keep expanding my taste in music (Summer 2016)
  5. Finish Gossip Girl
  6. Watch all the documentaries on my Watch-List on Netflix
  7. See some of the Best Pictures before the Oscars
    1. Bridge of Spies
  8. Watch all of my family’s favorite movies
  9. Watch three Audrey Hepburn movies that aren't Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  10. Rewatch all of Star Wars (Winter 2016)
  11. Rewatch all of The West Wing
  12. Read at least five of the 50 Classic Novels from Matchbook Mag (I have already read TKAM and Alice in Wonderland)
    1. The Catcher in the Rye (November 2014)
    2. The Great Gatsby (February 2015)
    3. Jane Eyre (December 2016)
      Ideas: Pride and Prejudice, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Tender is the Night
  13. Read five nonfiction/biographical books
    1. The Boys of Winter (July 2014)
    2. Into the Wild (April 2015)
    3. Missoula: Rape and the Justice System in a College Town (June 2016)
    4. Wild (July/August 2016)
    5. Scrappy Little Nobody (December 2016)
  14. Find a favorite book 
    1. Into the Wild (April 2015)

  1. Apply for College (July 2015 - Alabama)
  2. Clean out my closet before I move out (July 2016)
  3. Then donate everything I got rid off (July 2016)
  4. Move out from home and into my dorm (August 2016)
  5. Go through sorority recruitment (August 2016)
  6. Tailgate at my first college home game (September 2016)
  7. Write letters to my friends in college

xx, jKm


March Favorites

Happy last day of March! This March was definitely crazy between trying to get ready for spring break and the mass of school work that comes with that. I am happy that this month is over only because it means that summer in that much closer. :) 

I have a ton of favorites this month, so here we go... 


So. Many. Clothes. March was definitely NOT my #NoSpend month... I went shopping so much. These are my favorite outfits from this month. 

Clockwise: Tunic from Lizard Thicket, Jeans from Old Navy, Sam & Libby flats. // J.Crew Factory Dress & Necklace, Tights from Target, Audrey Brooke flats // Gap button down, J.Crew Factory Necklace // Gap button down, Scarf from Lizard Thicket, Keds

Baseball started at my school this month, and I absolutely adore going to games and taking pictures. A lot the guys also play football, so I love being able to cheer them on for a different sport. 

My favorite music of the month is Haim. I seriously wish I could listen to them all the time. Wires has been on repeat for the past week. 

Another media favorite is Brooklyn 99. If y'all have't been watching, you NEED to be. I've never seen a show that was this funny. The season finale was last week, and you should start catching up before the fall.

#MarchMadness is obviously another favorite. Especially Kentucky's win over Louisville. (Can't believe I will be in Lexington this time next week!!)

Show Us Where You Work Link-Up

Hey y'all, so today I am linking up with Rebecca, Carlee, and Dorothy, who happen to be some of my favorite bloggers. :) I love this link-up because it's all about desk spaces which I am obsessed with. I did my organization post of my desk back in October, but it has changed a touch. 

This is my inspiration for when I am not feeling motivated at all.
These cards came with on of my Birchboxes, and I love them.

Here are the questions! 

1. Where is your favorite workspace located? (Library, apartment, dorm room?) I am really weird in the fact that I can work almost anywhere. Bed, desk, living room, Starbucks... You name it. I love working at my desk when it's clean though!

2. Do you prefer a sleek desk or you more of an “organized chaos” kind of person?
I love sleek desks, but honestly I am an organized chaos every day.

3. What is your favorite kind of writing utensil?
I love G2 gel pens, sharpie pens, and sharpies. My favorite black pen, however, is just a Bic ball point pen. I recently got these gel pens from Target that I am pretty obsessed with too. Some of them are glitter.

4. Show us your calendar or agenda!
I use my Lilly agenda for school/social life/appointments and such.
I really just started using Google calendar, and I use it to organize my blog post and important school stuff.

5. And just for fun, what are you looking forward to most about spring?
I am actually going to be headed to Kentucky this time next week, so I am looking forward to that! Can't wait. :) I also can't wait for shorts and Jacks every day.


Enlances con SDS

Happy, happy Friday! It's officially one week till my Spring Break. :) Well... at 3:45... 

via Poor Little It Girl who's blog I am now obsessed with. :) 

I am seriously considering moving to New York at some point after I read Mackenzie's advice. Even more so after reading Hallie's love letter. (Let's see if we can ever get me out of the South.)

Slightly obsessed with this maxi dress. I think it would be perfect for spring! 

Personally, I think this is awesome that Northwestern football players are trying to unionize.

To get a tulle skirt or not... Personally, I don't think I could pull it off, but I do love this one from Space46 Boutique.

Slightly (read: majorly) in love with Haim's song The Wire. (How cool are these sister that can rock middle parts??)


For a Lack of Better Words

Hey y'all, I am still lacking inspiration for posts, so I though I'd do Kate's tag because I really liked these questions. Hopefully next week I will have more inspiration. :) 

1. Favorite season? Why?
I absolutely love each season for different reasons. Fall: it's football season, and I am obsessed with leaves. Winter: I love the holidays. Spring: Once it's not cold, there's is perfect weather. Summer: Not in school. But I think fall takes the cake. :) 

2. Football or hockey?
Pretty sure we all know the answer. Football! But I do like hockey. The Flyers and Bruins are my favorite teams. 

3. Favorite TV show?

Currently, Brooklyn 99! If you haven't watched it, you need to. 

4. Flats or heels?

Flats! I can't wear heels. 

5. Best childhood memory?

Probably when I went to my first Phillies game at CBP. I was 11, does that count?

6. Crime or reality shows?

True crime shows are my life.

7. Which literary character do you look up to the most? Why?
I've always really looked up to Luna Lovegood because she is so whimsical, caring, and herself. And obviously I dressed up like her for the HP7.2 premiere. 

8. Favorite insurance commercial character? (Jake from State Farm, Flo from Progressive, etc.)

Probs Mayhem from Allstate.

9. College major? If you didn't go to college or you haven't gone yet, what do you think would be your major?

I plan to major in journalism and hopefully focus on sports journalism/PR. 

10. Do you sponsor bloggers or not? Why?

I do not.

11. Favorite hashtag?

Probably #FSM or #DrilledtheMill which are my school's rivalry hashtags. 


A Life Update

Schwell, it's currently 9:00 as a write this post, and I am drawing a blank on inspiration. I've basically hit a wall since my spring break is only in eight school days. (Eeek!) So I thought I would talk about everything that's been happening in my life and such. 

I guess the big news is that I am hurt. So I've briefly talked about this a couple times, but my knees constantly hurt. Sunday, however, involved a major face plant in my hallway that resulted in a swollen/bruised knee. Woo! Luckily I already had an appointment with my orthopedist scheduled. :) 

Like I said, I am totally lacking inspiration for both my blog and for school. I have this weird feeling because school is almost over when I think about in terms of newspapers coming out (TWO LEFT!!!), but I still have a TON to do. Research Paper. AP Exam. Math EOCT. Actual exams. I've hit the metaphorical wall, and I definitely need a nice week long break. 

Other than that my life has been so-so! I am just so desperate for a nice long nap. :)


Derby Days Part Two!

39 days till the Derby, and praise the Lord that Vineyard Vines released all of their Derby collection! Again, a ton of these pieces are perfect if you haven't quite finished your Carolina Cup wardrobe or if you are going to Keeneland next month. (You can see my last Derby posts here and here.)

(Not going this year, but can I pretty please with a cherry on top buy this??)

I am seriously obsessed with this year's collection. Can I buy all of it? But seriously, I want that Churchill Downs Dress. 


Tweak Team

I said it's great to be a Kentucky Wildcat! In case you don't follow March Madness religiously, Kentucky beat Wichita State who were previously 35-0-0! So obviously to celebrate today's post is all about the Big Blue Nation. (It's been a while, y'all.) 


Enlances con SDS

I feel really bad that I missed last week's post, but I didn't realize I had yet to write it until we were driving home from the tournament. Acceptable right? So this week I am showing y'all what I loved last week and this week. 

Kate and Andy Spade's Southhampton Home | An old post by Matchbook Mag, but lovely just the same. 

This dress from Gap is everything I've ever wanted in a dress. I would like both the pink & navy and the green & navy... Only problem? It's for kids. 

This tote from Sloane Ranger is too wonderful. 

"I'm not bossy. I am the boss." Was obsessed with this last week, and I still am. 

For all your college apparel needs, check out Pennington & Bailes. All I need is someone to wear those UK embroidered pants.

The acoUstiKats take Kesha (and Pitbull...) and make it a thousand times better! (Also one of the Dance Cats went to my high school.) 

I am not in a sorority...yet..., but I LOVED this article about redefining what #TSM means.

 Happy weekend!

And I can I say that I missed yesterday's post because I was sick... I took a nap after school that turned into me falling asleep.... 


Kickin' It

In the past week or so, I've become obsessed with Keds. From the shoes themselves to the brands' marketing. It helps that my girl, Taylor Swift, is the face of the brand. And now naturally, I want all the shoes. I am in love with all of the spring collection from Taylor Swift x Keds to Kate Spade x Keds

I love Keds because they are so adorable, yet they are so comfy. Keds are amazing for those days you don't want to wear for Jacks or nice flats. We all know about how much I hate heels...  so Keds are the perfect shoe pretty much. 

Here are my Ked picks for this spring: 

Taylor Swift's Champion Dots // These are so, so, so cute! I love the denim and polka dots on these. This season there are so many cute polka dotted Keds. 

Champion Gingham Lace // I'm in love with these from the perfect green color to the adorable laces. How could you not love these? I am also loving the Sky Blue, Red, and Pink

Champion Cherries // Are these not the most precious things ever? They remind me of a cherry dress I had when I was younger than I was obsessed with. (So much that I wrote a poem about it.) 
There are so many cute patterns these season... 
Champion Owls (which scream KKG if you ask me) / Taylor Swift's Champion Floral / TS's Finches

Champion Anchors // I had to include all my favorite nautical inspired ones! 

Know here's the question: is it acceptable for me to only wear Keds? 



Talk to Derby to Me

There are 46 days until the Kentucky Derby, so you know what that means? Vineyard Vines is starting to realize their Derby 2014 collection. Their ties got realized this weekend, and I am so excited about them.

Here are my three favorites: 

Kentucky State Race Tie // This tie is not only perfect for the Derby, but it's great for Keeneland which is opening in a couple weeks! 

Silk Jockey Jersey Tie // The jockey's jersey is one of my favorite parts of the Derby, so why not put in on your tie? The navy based one is my favorite color combination! 

Horseshoe Geo Tie // This tie can accompany you to any race from the Cup to Keeneland to the Derby! 



Last week, I got the chance to go to the Alabama vs. LSU SEC tournament game! (Long story... My mom ended up getting tickets the day of the game.) Of course, I was little disappointed I didn't get to see Kentucky play, but being able to go to a tournament game was amazing. And obviously, I took my camera. 
Warning: picture overload. 

Forever rooting for our Cats even while watching the Tide and the Tigers.

This right here is why they call it Catlanta. More Kentucky fans than anyone else!

Weirdly punctuated... but I love it!

I can't wait until this is something I get to do all the time! :)