A Life Update

Schwell, it's currently 9:00 as a write this post, and I am drawing a blank on inspiration. I've basically hit a wall since my spring break is only in eight school days. (Eeek!) So I thought I would talk about everything that's been happening in my life and such. 

I guess the big news is that I am hurt. So I've briefly talked about this a couple times, but my knees constantly hurt. Sunday, however, involved a major face plant in my hallway that resulted in a swollen/bruised knee. Woo! Luckily I already had an appointment with my orthopedist scheduled. :) 

Like I said, I am totally lacking inspiration for both my blog and for school. I have this weird feeling because school is almost over when I think about in terms of newspapers coming out (TWO LEFT!!!), but I still have a TON to do. Research Paper. AP Exam. Math EOCT. Actual exams. I've hit the metaphorical wall, and I definitely need a nice week long break. 

Other than that my life has been so-so! I am just so desperate for a nice long nap. :)

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