For a Lack of Better Words

Hey y'all, I am still lacking inspiration for posts, so I though I'd do Kate's tag because I really liked these questions. Hopefully next week I will have more inspiration. :) 

1. Favorite season? Why?
I absolutely love each season for different reasons. Fall: it's football season, and I am obsessed with leaves. Winter: I love the holidays. Spring: Once it's not cold, there's is perfect weather. Summer: Not in school. But I think fall takes the cake. :) 

2. Football or hockey?
Pretty sure we all know the answer. Football! But I do like hockey. The Flyers and Bruins are my favorite teams. 

3. Favorite TV show?

Currently, Brooklyn 99! If you haven't watched it, you need to. 

4. Flats or heels?

Flats! I can't wear heels. 

5. Best childhood memory?

Probably when I went to my first Phillies game at CBP. I was 11, does that count?

6. Crime or reality shows?

True crime shows are my life.

7. Which literary character do you look up to the most? Why?
I've always really looked up to Luna Lovegood because she is so whimsical, caring, and herself. And obviously I dressed up like her for the HP7.2 premiere. 

8. Favorite insurance commercial character? (Jake from State Farm, Flo from Progressive, etc.)

Probs Mayhem from Allstate.

9. College major? If you didn't go to college or you haven't gone yet, what do you think would be your major?

I plan to major in journalism and hopefully focus on sports journalism/PR. 

10. Do you sponsor bloggers or not? Why?

I do not.

11. Favorite hashtag?

Probably #FSM or #DrilledtheMill which are my school's rivalry hashtags. 

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