Kickin' It

In the past week or so, I've become obsessed with Keds. From the shoes themselves to the brands' marketing. It helps that my girl, Taylor Swift, is the face of the brand. And now naturally, I want all the shoes. I am in love with all of the spring collection from Taylor Swift x Keds to Kate Spade x Keds

I love Keds because they are so adorable, yet they are so comfy. Keds are amazing for those days you don't want to wear for Jacks or nice flats. We all know about how much I hate heels...  so Keds are the perfect shoe pretty much. 

Here are my Ked picks for this spring: 

Taylor Swift's Champion Dots // These are so, so, so cute! I love the denim and polka dots on these. This season there are so many cute polka dotted Keds. 

Champion Gingham Lace // I'm in love with these from the perfect green color to the adorable laces. How could you not love these? I am also loving the Sky Blue, Red, and Pink

Champion Cherries // Are these not the most precious things ever? They remind me of a cherry dress I had when I was younger than I was obsessed with. (So much that I wrote a poem about it.) 
There are so many cute patterns these season... 
Champion Owls (which scream KKG if you ask me) / Taylor Swift's Champion Floral / TS's Finches

Champion Anchors // I had to include all my favorite nautical inspired ones! 

Know here's the question: is it acceptable for me to only wear Keds? 


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