Playlist :: Summer Longing

Georgia weather was such a great preview for summer this weekend. Sadly this week it is back to highs of 50 degrees and rain. At least there's no snow right? I can't handle more snow. 

But I am craving summer. March sucks because we don't have any breaks this month which means five day weeks for an entire month. Wait, what? I've had three this year so far. Basically, I am just counting down the days till spring break and then the days till summer.

I, however, have an amazing playlist getting me through school right now. It's my "Summer Longing" playlist which means it's full of fun country music. (Hey, I'm southern. It's in my blood. Not really, I am the only one if my family who likes country music...) It makes me feel like everyday is 75 and sunny, and I don't have to worry about that chemistry lab or research paper.

A month until Spring Break! Only three more months till summer!! 

P.S. Y'all, I am going to be on Spring Break from April 7-11, and I would love, love, love guest posters!! If you are interested, email me at sassdelsur@gmail.com! Thank you. <3 

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