April Favorites

April is over, y'all! WHAT? I am going to be done with sophomore year in a month. I AM GOING TO BE A JUNIOR?? WHAT!  April was a hectic month, and I am so excited that is has come and gone because it means summer is that much closes.

Target has been A+ lately. I picked up the orange skirt and striped dress earlier this month, and I am obsessed with both. 

I went on two road trips this month (both to Kentucky), and I was reminded how much I love traveling. Hopefully I will get to do more in the future!

We are doing a poetry project in my English class, and I have become obsessed with Wendell Berry. His poems are beautiful and full of nature. 

I didn't really like "Fancy" when I first heard it. (I was more in it for the video.) BUT this song is my jam right now. I can listen to it any time and all the tine. 



Y'all know how I was in Lexington three weeks ago... Well, I went back this past weekend. It was the Alumni Weekend, and I somehow convinced my mom who went to grad school at UK to go on a quick weekend road trip. While I was there, I got to go to the Legacy SeeBlue Day and the Blue/White Scrimmage Game. It was such a fun experience, and I am praying so hard that I get to announce in two years that this is the school I will be attending. GO BIG BLUE!

All of these pictures are from the Game! I didn't take any while on the tour.

In Kentucky, these three guys are royalty, and seeing them out and about at the Game kinda put all that in perspective. 


Enlances con SDS

Carly is seriously the cutest. This post makes me want this top even more.  

"14 Schools. 14 Stores." Here's Kentucky's! Be sure to check out the rest of the SEC's stories.

Obsessed with the new weekender I bought from Target. It'll be perfect for my weekend road trip. :) (This one is similar! I can't find the exact on the website.)

I am seriously obsessed with Essie's Butler Please for my toes! Bikini So Teeny for my nails obviously. #bloggertrends

I love this bracelet from Page 6 Boutique! It would be perfect for stacks. 


What to Pack: Weekend Trips

If you don't follow me on Twitter, which you should fix that, you've missed all my tweeting about going back to Kentucky this weekend! I am super excited to go back because I will be attending the SeeBlue Legacy Tour and the Blue/White Scrimmage game. (Of course I will post a TON of pictures once I get back.)

But since I am going on a shorter trip, I thought I would share will y'all a. my new weekender that I am in love with, and b. what I am bringing. :) 

You can kind of tell how big my bag is from the picture, but not really. FYI, it's mammoth. 

This is the outfit I am planning on wearing on Saturday! The shorts are from Target and the top is from the brand Fantastic Fawn and from the store Bluetique. It's going to be 75 and sunny in Lexington on Saturday, and I can't wait for the game because I think this is a perfect Game Day outfit!

This is what I am wearing when we are going to be driving home on Sunday! Comfy and comfy because why not? Being in a car for seven hours is bad enough. 

These are the shoes I will most likely bring! Haven't decided if I should bring my cowboy boots yet. 

Everything else I am bringing will be put into my bag after I get ready for school on Friday because I am leaving with my mom right after school! :) 


Midweek Motivation

Happy, happy Wednesday! I desperately need this week to be over already. 

This mantra is definitely getting me through this week. Who says I can't study for chemistry while at a baseball game? (Might be me on Thursday...)


Fashion Inspiration

Spring brings so much inspiration for new fashion and new outfits, so you should definitely check out my Fashion Inspiration board on Pinterest! (And all my other boards.) I'm loving lots of stripes, bright colors, and funky patterns. (As always.) 


And Windy has Stormy Eyes

The guys at my high school have  really nice windbreaks that my best friend and I are obsessed with. They are so nice, and the guys don't even really give them to their girlfriends because they like the windbreakers so much. This got us thinking (while at a lacrosse game) that we should just buy our own. (And monogram it, obviously.) 

Northface Apex Bionic Jacket | I really like the grey and light blue on this one. 

Columbia Trail Drier | This one from Columbia is currently one sale. 

Nike Element Shield Max | For the more athletic people, aka not me, this jacket keeps you warm and dry. 

Target Anorak Windbreaker | This one from Target is less athletic and more stylish. 

Marley Lilly Lightweight Pullover | This is probably the windbreaker I would end up getting. I mean, hey, it's monogrammed. I can't decide between navy or black. (Both would go with my red wellies.)


Enlances con SDS

Can we talk about how she figured out how to perfectly style a basketball jersey? Something I didn't think anyone could do! (via)
Y'all, I found a new favorite blog. Krista from Covering the Bases is the epitome of everything I want to be. She loves fashion, baseball, and the Kentucky Wildcats... You can't get better than that. 

This dad definitely love his daughter. 

This Arctic Monkeys song has been on repeat all week. I am not sure why, but I've fallen in love with the song over and over again. 

We talked about Eva Peron in World History this week, so obviously Evita is currently running through my head.

These pants. Can you say statement piece?  

My mom wore these shoes all the time in the 80s, and I definitely want a pair.


One Big Mess

 I'm sorry... Today, I meant to have two posts up by now, and some of y'all probably caught the unfinished posts being published. I've had a rough couple of days, and blogging was not my number one priority. Wednesday was my health, and yesterday I fell asleep at 7 and didn't wake up until midnight. 

I trust that y'all understand that real life can come before blogging, and I will try to be less scatterbrained about publishing posts. Key word: try! Moments like this will probably still happen, and I will feel horrible, but bear with me through this blogging experience. 

Good news is that tomorrow's post is already written and schedule! 




Hey y'all, I have kinda stressful and tiring day yesterday (nothing bad!), so I didn't have a chance to write a post! I will hopefully make it up tomorrow with a double post. :) Thanks for understanding! 


Spring Essentials

I hate that spring break is over, but I am happy that to be back in Georgia because the weather is pretty fantastic. (Except for this whole pollen thing. Apparently some people don't have to deal with this...) 

So since I am pretty much in love with this weather, I am going to be sharing my spring essentials! 

Royal Blues Top // Can't find it online but I got it from Bluetique  (Brand: Fantastic Fawn)
I am not sure the exact definition of "piko tops," but I think these two shirts qualify. If I could only wear these shirts, I'd be okay. They are soft and comfortable, yet they look really nice.

My next favorite top during the spring is this navy gingham button down which I actually wear during all seasons. I am not sure why, but it's always been my go-to shirt.

I've been loving this peplum top from J.Crew factory. I wasn't really a peplum person, but I adore this one. Sadly, I can't wear it to school, but this is going to be a staple on weekends.


I've been waiting for it to get warmer, so I can break out my Lilly skirts, and I think it's finally time!
Then of course we have my chino shorts and pants.

I have three pairs of shoes I am seriously obsessed with for the spring: Hunter rain boots (Red), Jack Rogers (Platinum, but if you for sure wear a sure metallic more, get those!) and Keds (White). I've talked about all these shoes a ton on here, but these are my must haves for spring.


Weep No More My Lady

I had such an amazing time during spring break, and I wish it wasn't over! Kentucky was amazing and perfect, and I've fallen more in love with the commonwealth and the university. My friend August said something a long the lines of the sky isn't bluer anywhere else. I believe that's true because Kentucky is beautiful in the spring. :) 

So here's a rundown of what we did: 
Monday - Did some shopping around Lex. Lexington gets crazy during the tournament, so we tried to avoid it at night. (Sadly we lost.)
Tuesday - Dad, Emma, and me went to Joe B's (which is the greatest place ever), and Dad and I met with the director of the school of journalism which was amazing. I got to learn about their program and see where the Kernel is produced. 
Wednesday - I had lunch with August who goes to UK now, and she showed me around campus. My dad and I went to a UK baseball game.
Thursday - We went to Keeneland. 

(Here are my pictures that are from the baseball game/Keeneland.)
Warning: pictures overload. 

Crossing Keeneland off my list!

I'm seriously so in love with this place.