And Windy has Stormy Eyes

The guys at my high school have  really nice windbreaks that my best friend and I are obsessed with. They are so nice, and the guys don't even really give them to their girlfriends because they like the windbreakers so much. This got us thinking (while at a lacrosse game) that we should just buy our own. (And monogram it, obviously.) 

Northface Apex Bionic Jacket | I really like the grey and light blue on this one. 

Columbia Trail Drier | This one from Columbia is currently one sale. 

Nike Element Shield Max | For the more athletic people, aka not me, this jacket keeps you warm and dry. 

Target Anorak Windbreaker | This one from Target is less athletic and more stylish. 

Marley Lilly Lightweight Pullover | This is probably the windbreaker I would end up getting. I mean, hey, it's monogrammed. I can't decide between navy or black. (Both would go with my red wellies.)

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