April Favorites

April is over, y'all! WHAT? I am going to be done with sophomore year in a month. I AM GOING TO BE A JUNIOR?? WHAT!  April was a hectic month, and I am so excited that is has come and gone because it means summer is that much closes.

Target has been A+ lately. I picked up the orange skirt and striped dress earlier this month, and I am obsessed with both. 

I went on two road trips this month (both to Kentucky), and I was reminded how much I love traveling. Hopefully I will get to do more in the future!

We are doing a poetry project in my English class, and I have become obsessed with Wendell Berry. His poems are beautiful and full of nature. 

I didn't really like "Fancy" when I first heard it. (I was more in it for the video.) BUT this song is my jam right now. I can listen to it any time and all the tine. 

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