Curly Hair, and I Really Care

For years, I've had the dilemma of NEVER being able to curl my hair. I think I've done it well about twice since I was ten. I have also bought multiple hair curlers during this process... 

Nothing's really worked until recently! I finally jumped on the true hair wand bandwagon. The first one I got had grooves and a clamp still, and it was really hard to curl my hair with it. This one, however, is a true hair wand. I got it from Target (of course), and it's from Remington. What really appealed to me was that it automatically turns off if you leave it on for an hour. Let's just say I almost burnt down my house....  

Today, I thought I would show y'all how I curled my hair. It's pretty simple, and I really like that.

I took a shower, and then let my hair air dry for about an hour. (I have thick hair.)

Then I put a heavy dose of  Beauty Protector Protect and Detangle. Still in love.

Let's blow dry. 

My hair ended looking like this hot mess. I sprayed a little bit of hair spray just so my hair had some tip of grip. 

This is what the wand looks like. I set it to 400 degrees. 

I sectioned my hair and curled each part. The part of my head with more hair took a lot more sections that the other part. I wanted to make sure all of my hair was curled. I didn't curl too close to my roots except in the back. 

Look at my pretty hair. :) (It ended up looking better than this because I went back and curled some pieces that I missed earlier.)

Thanks for dealing with all my weird selfies!

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