How To: Get Out of a Slump

Hey y'all, today my best friend, Marguerite, is guest posting for me! Marge has been one of my best friends since beginning of freshman year, and we are basically the same person. (She accepts her nerdiness a lot more than I do though.) If you like super nerdy awesome stuff, you can follow her on tumblr


A “slump” is a period of time where you feel abnormal. Although the specific feelings vary person to person, the most common feelings are sadness, hopelessness, unproductivity, and general numbness. It’s a period of time where you don’t feel like doing anything other than eating some chips and watching some TV, and sometimes even that doesn’t help. You question your life choices, you feel like you aren’t doing anything right, and you really don’t want to write that paper. I believe the “slump” is a state of mind. It can be influenced and brought on by outside variables, but ultimately, it is up to you to get out of one. So I have a few ideas:

One // Laugh
Sometimes, a good laugh, is all you need. A smile and a laugh can cure a lot of ailments including a slump. Whether it is a funny YouTube video:
The Pet Collective: Mean Cats

Two // Take a Break
Sometimes the best thing you can do is step away what you’re doing (or what you should be doing). You could watch a movie or some YouTube videos, or go outside for a walk or a jog. Make plans with your friends or do something by yourself. Basically, do something that YOU want to do.

Three // Talk to Someone
If you’re feeling really down, you can always to talk to someone you trust: your friends, your family, or a teacher. If you’re not up for human contact, try one of these.
The Dawn Room

(Julianna's Note: Marguerite is seriously my favorite person to talk to when I am upset.)

Four // Make Something
Try some of the crafts by HGTV Handmade, or make some new kind of snack!
·         Pizza Snacks
·         Danish Pastries
·         Food Life Hacks

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