How To... Pack!

Hey y'all! In case you've been living under a rock, I am going to Lexington in a little over 80 hours. I'm super pumped because a. Lexington is my favorite place, and b. I actually really enjoy packing. Unpacking... not so much, but I like packing. Here's how I pack:
(I have more in depth most coming up in a week on Sydney's blog! Be sure you check it out. )

I don't have "actual" luggage. What I use is my old dance bag because it holds a ridiculous amount of stuff.

I've started using one of Carly's packing tips recently. I think an "every trip list" is so helpful because these are the things that you will always need. I made this by thinking about what I use every day or almost every day. 

 I first lay out everything that I am packing. (Still not sure if this is what I am bringing! Too indecisive...) I group them together. I am pretty sure you tell what the groups are. :) I then put every thing together to be put in my bag.

Then it all goes in the bag!

Make sure you check out Syd's blog next week, so you can see more of my packing tips. :)

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