Jetsetter Problems

I really, really want to start traveling more. I am so obsessed with weekend getaways, and I love seeing new places. Obviously when you travel, you need your cute luggage. Sadly, my old dance duffle has seen better days. The straps are beginning to wear, and the zipper is starting to break. Of course, once I noticed all this, I immediately began looking at new luggage. (Disclaimer: I am NOT a rolling luggage person, so these are all duffle bags.) 

J. McLaughlin duffle bag | This bag, which both Carly and Mackenzie have, is so classic. I love it.

Marley Lilly Sunshine Satchel | I obviously had to include the Marley Lilly version of this. The hot pink is perfect. 

Vera Bradley | I grew out of my Vera obsession after eighth grade, but I love this pattern! Currently on sale. 

LeSportsac Large Weekender | This color combination is my favorite. 

Where do you get your luggage? 

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