Spring Essentials

I hate that spring break is over, but I am happy that to be back in Georgia because the weather is pretty fantastic. (Except for this whole pollen thing. Apparently some people don't have to deal with this...) 

So since I am pretty much in love with this weather, I am going to be sharing my spring essentials! 

Royal Blues Top // Can't find it online but I got it from Bluetique  (Brand: Fantastic Fawn)
I am not sure the exact definition of "piko tops," but I think these two shirts qualify. If I could only wear these shirts, I'd be okay. They are soft and comfortable, yet they look really nice.

My next favorite top during the spring is this navy gingham button down which I actually wear during all seasons. I am not sure why, but it's always been my go-to shirt.

I've been loving this peplum top from J.Crew factory. I wasn't really a peplum person, but I adore this one. Sadly, I can't wear it to school, but this is going to be a staple on weekends.


I've been waiting for it to get warmer, so I can break out my Lilly skirts, and I think it's finally time!
Then of course we have my chino shorts and pants.

I have three pairs of shoes I am seriously obsessed with for the spring: Hunter rain boots (Red), Jack Rogers (Platinum, but if you for sure wear a sure metallic more, get those!) and Keds (White). I've talked about all these shoes a ton on here, but these are my must haves for spring.

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